Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blears says stop blogging

Bloggers like me are destroying democracy, or so says nutty Hazel Blears.


All these months of telling you amusing stories and giving you titbits about local sausages, I have in fact been undermining the British Political System and corroding the democratic process.

Coming from Ms Blears, I wouldn't be surprised if this is a prelude to sending me, and all other non-Labour supporting bloggers, to Guantanamo Bay!

If I was being generous, I might think Hazel is referring to blogs like Liverpool subculture, used by Labour to print all the lies that even they don't dare print under their own name.

I wonder if my blogging nemesis, and self professed "Nuts about Hazel" supporter (not sure if she has the T shirt) is planning to obey her idol and permanently blog off?

So here is a dangerous view. Hazel is nuts. If you see me being bundled onto a plane, wearing an orange jumpsuit, you will know why.

Catch ya next time, unless the squirrel woman catches me!