Friday, February 27, 2009


Thanks to Gideon for this one.

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"Maggie's a softy" says Field

As if Gordon Brown having Thatcher round for tea wasn't bad enough, we have an amazing story in the Oldham Echo from Wirral MP Frank Field, about how he and other Labour MPs used to go for cozy late night-caps with Liverpool's most hated women.

Apparently, we are led to believe, that Margaret Thatcher was a softy, and served a very fine malt. But this was all kept secret by Labour MP's, realising how unimpressed their constituents would be.

Steel yourself for a shock at the next quote:

"I once witnessed a slightly sozzled Margaret Thatcher plant a smacking kiss on the lips of then-Walton MP Eric Heffer and describe him as "my favourite Socialist"."

Aggggggggggh! Sorry, I've just been sick behind the sofa!

He goes on to say, "She enjoyed a bit of rough..."

I couldn't bare to read any more. Read it yourself here if you have a strong stomach and low blood pressure.

Rest assured, I will never sell out my loyal readers and have the Bulldog round for tea and dog biscuits, and definitely not for love and licks!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lib Dems coming back

Fantastic news in today's Daily Post that those nice Liberal Democrats are coming back to Liverpool for their Autumn conference next year.

The week long autumn conferences get far more visitors and publicity, so it will be a great boost to Liverpool's economy and image, just as we need it most.

I thought Labour & the Tories had promised to hold there conferences here, we are still waiting for a date? Meanwhile the Lib Dems will have been twice. See Lib Dems ahead of the game as ever!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Give us OUR money!

What a cheek! We now have the Labour Minister for the North West telling today's Daily Post that Liverpool is being hit hardest by the recession.

"Worryingly, the minister fears the recession is now biting hardest in Merseyside, but she insists she has a strategy to prevent a return to the dark days of the “do nothing” Conservative years." Daily Post 23rd Feb 2009

The obvious answer springs up that, the £117 million you have just stolen from us would have helped to reduce the server biting down to something closer to a playful nibble.

In that case, put our money where your mouth is!

So, to all these Labour politicians who I know read this blog (isp addresses such as the.liverpool.labour.party are a bit of a give away chaps) I adopt and adapt the immortal words of Sir Bob Geldof to send you a message on behalf of every man, woman and their dog in Liverpool.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sad Liam fails again

Liam Fogarty, previously the man from Auntie, and now a one man band for an elected mayor, has failed again.

Two years ago he dramatically (albeit temporarily) left the BBC to campaign full time to be (sorry, to get) an elected mayor for Liverpool.

Yesterday he admitted to the Daily Post that he was sad, and had failed to get the signatures for a second year running.

In two years his campaign has collected only 11,000 of the 17,100 signatures it needs, but each signature is only valid for one year, so he probably has only 5-6000 signatures.

According to the Daily Post's Dave Bartlett, the current runners for the race (if it's ever called) are:-
  • Phil Redmond - because Brookside helped reinvent Liverpool's image didn't it?
  • Frank McKenna - Disgraced former deputy leader of Skelmersdale, who now claims to be a business lobbyist!
  • Liam Fogarty - who couldn't even organise a petition!
  • Joe Anderson - who couldn't even organise a p___ up in a brewery!
  • Warren Bradley - yeah lets pay him an extra £100K a year to do the jobs he's already doing!
Then again, if Hartlepool can elect a monkey as mayor, perhaps Liverpool is ready for a canine champion? Liam, where can I put my paw print on this petition?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Now that's a promise!

After Warren emerges as the latest Lib Dem to be cleared following a Standards Board complaint by Joe Anderson, Pitbull Joe has promised never to snitch on anyone again.

Thanks to one of my readers for passing me this article from the Local Government Chronicle
"I think the Standards Board has lost the confidence of many, many people in local government," said Cllr Anderson, who filed the original complaint against Cllr Bradley in November 2007. "As far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't make a referral ever again about anyone's activity."

As the Pitbull has managed to report almost every Lib Dem Councillor to the standards board, several times over, I'm sure the Standards Board will be relieved to hear this promise.

Over the years, Joe has whinged to the standards board about everything, from Lib Dems using unflattering pictures of him on leaflets to councillors daring to call meeting to oppose Post Office closures.

I would like to think he has seen the error of his ways and wants to give up being seen as the schoolyard grass. But it probably has more to do with the fact that no one has ever been found guilty as a result of his ludicrous complaints, and he's realised that the standards board just regard him as a time waster!

Lets see how long he can keep his word? After all, Labour politicians usually manage to keep their promises up until the day after election. It's going to be a struggle Joe, but we're all routing for you!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brainy Paula

Now you already knew these Lib Dems are a brainy lot (just look at how clever their dogs are!) but today's daily post revealed that Cressington Councillor Paula Keaveney is to appear on Mastermind on the 27th February.

I always thought she was a nice lady. First time I saw her she tickled my tummy and gave me a biscuit, although I understand she is more of a cat person.

Good luck Paula, despite your feline allegiances I will have my paws up in front of the telly, routing for you on the 27th.

Paula is also a fellow blogger, and you can catch up with her here.

Catch ya next time!
Lots of Doggy love,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

£117 million down the drain

Labour have said no to £117 million in extra Euro cash for Merseyside - because they didn't want the extra paperwork!

Yesterday the Daily Post reported that Labour Ministers have rejected the offer, claiming that civil servants had already done too much "Winding Up" paperwork on the European Objective 1 programme - In other words, they can't be arsed!

I understand that Lib Dem deputy leader Flo Clucas did a lot of work behind the scenes to get European Commissioners to agree to offer us the cash. Not surprisingly, she is incensed at Labour's betrayal of our city.

With thousands of hard working Scousers at risk of losing their jobs, £117 million could have been a much needed boost to the local economy.

Instead Europe will be forced to hand the dosh over to the treasury, no doubt to be used to continue bailing out the bankers.

Might as well spend it all on sausages, at least I'd be happy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

"Now appologise for being innocent!"

Not Guilty, cleared by Labour's own Standards Board. That was the verdict on Warren Bradley, accused of "bullying" council officials for cocking up the 2007 Mathew Street Festival.

Having spent 18 months demanding Warren resigns, and insisting that he will be found guilty, what reaction would you expect from our very own municipal pitbull, Joe Anderson?

Silence? Keeping his head down? No, instead he demanded that Warren apologises to the people of Liverpool.

WHAT, I hear you say.

Yes that's right. Apologise for being found innocent!

Innocent until proven guilty has been the linchpin of British justice since the Magna Carta. Well, she might have been a lovely girl, but she certainly died in vain!)

Labour have done their best to close that loophole since 1997, ask anyone flown off to Guantanamo Bay in an orange jump-suit!

But here in Liverpool, Joe Anderson appears to have gone one better - Guilty when proven innocent. Clearly, if Joe the Pitbull was in charge, he would make Guantanamo Bay look like Pontins!

Can you hear Magna Carta spinning in her grave? Or is it a Bulldog bleating?