Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last day

So it's the big day tomorrow. Will Liam the Lurcher be sent packing off to Blackpool (sorry Lytham St Annes)? Will Timbo the Terrier be repenting for his decision to allow the Bulldog to run his campaign? Will Rose the Rotweiler be wilting before our eyes? And will Joe the Pitbull be getting the sack as Labour's top dog?

We will have to wait until the early hours of Friday morning to find out.

Meanwhile, that nice Phil Moffatt has pulled out all the stops for Steve. Just take a look at his van!

However, no sausages are stored in this vehicle overnight! So I am told.

And over in Picton, Timbo the Terrier has been upsetting more people.

A few weeks ago, a note was spotted on the door of one human who didn't wish to partake in the campaign. I can't understand why, but he does have that right.

He warned that the household will vote against the next politician to deliver a leaflet to him. Timbo the terrier decided to call his bluff... and this is the result.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New paws required

Does anyone know where I can get a new set of paws? I ask because I have never had to walk so much in my life.

Now I'm a dog who enjoys nothing more than a good walkies (except perhaps a steak or some sausages) but I am amazed at how much my humans have walked this week - and only on their hind legs! You lot are amazing.

A quick update from across the city.

In Kensington my blogging nemesis, The Bulldog, has written to all the local humans to say what a disgrace it is that the Lib Dems have exposed Liam the Lurcher for two timing them. After all, she says, Liam is not the Labour candidate in Blackpool - he is the candidate in Lytham St Annes!

So thank you Bulldog for putting the record straight. We hold our paws up, he wants to be the MP for Blackpool's posher suburb. And apologies to the Lytham St Annes tourist board. But every Labour voter now knows what they are getting - and they heard it straight from the horse's mouth.

So goes on to say what a fine young man he is and that he lives only 3 doors away from her in Wavertree. I wonder if he is suspicious yet of how often she pops round for a cup of sugar?

Meanwhile over in Picton, Timbo the Terrier has been forced to issue a public apology for telling a lie, as I exposed last week. Unfortunately in his attempt to wriggle out of it, he managed to tell a new lie. I am astonished he did it again. You're only making it worse for yourself!

Really, being in the Labour party can't be good for the soul. Public humiliation is inevitable. I can't wait to see what the top dogs in our campaign team come up with for tomorrow.

Off now to put head on paws.

Lots of doggie love,

Monday, April 28, 2008

More Publicity

The fan club for my little old blog continues to grow.

And now Rosie the Rottweiler has decided to join in with promoting this site!

It's very kind of her to give me more publicity and attract even more readers to my blog.

However, in campaign terms, my advisers tell me she is barking mad.

Particularly since she has just repeated all the evidence of how she refused to meet to discuss crime in Croxteth, just because one of her political opponents would be at the meeting.

Roll on May 1st.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Waggy Tailed Philanthropist

One of the things I most enjoy, is the number of people I have been able to help as I trot around on the campaign trail.

I am getting so well known that humans keep stopping me on the street, or on the doorstep, to ask how the campaign is going and often to ask us to help.

Often it is an easy problem such as a pot hole, graffiti or broken street light. A quick yap at Liverpool Direct - job done!

Sometimes it is a problem that the human has been trying to fix for years, but no one in authority has taken it seriously. I had a lovely elderly lady who was very distressed because a clerical error with the land registry had caused her house to be listed as two flats.

A minor problem you would think, which she had spent years trying to fix, but then she started getting threatening letters from TV Licensing, that they would send in enforcement officers to raid her home, unless she bought a TV licence for the other part of the property. After a few e-mails, we got it sorted for her, permanently.

A few problems are more complicated, but we will do our best and keep them informed.

Also, I never realised the number of forgetful humans who leave their keys in the door. I always knock on the door to tell them (sometimes I have to flip the door knocker with my nose) and they are always very grateful. A few have praised me as a wonderful dog and given me a biscuit...Yum!

Most of them also promised me their vote but, regardless of that, I enjoy being helpful.

Dude The Dog - Our Canine Champion!

Catch ya next time.

Lots of Doggie Love,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

St Georges Day

In all the excitement I forgot to mention it was St Georges Day.

That nice Phil Moffatt was featured in the local paper, outside his shop (the yummy Churchill's Food Emporium) flags flying. It was quite a picture, but to be quite honest I'm more interested in what's inside his shop!

As a special treat he brought round some of his fabulous sausages for my tea last night. Yum Yum!

Lots of Doggie Love

Caught telling tails

Labour candidate number 3 caught out!

This time it's Timbo the Terrier who has been caught lying to the voters of Picton Ward.

In fact not only has he lied, but he has libelled the Independent Audit Commission in the little message he left on residents doorsteps.

The Chief Executive of the Council has referred the matter to the Audit Commission for them to decide on the appropriate action.

This must surely be an major embarrassment to the deeply religious Tim.

Thanks to his mistake in getting involved with the Liverpool Labour Party, he might be doing time in the doghouse before he gets to heaven.

He has just 8 days left to show he is ashamed, and publicly apologise to the good citizens of Picton.

Incredibly, my blogging nemesis, The Bulldog, (who also makes a big issue of her religious activity) boasted on her blog that she was writing this leaflet. Obviously they don't believe that morality should apply to political campaigning.

My advice with Labour leaflets is to do what I do, and rip them to shreds as they come through the letterbox!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Timbo the Terrier

More tails from the campaign.

Over in Picton, Labour's Tim Beaumont's poster campaign is hotting up.

Timbo must have been chasing his own tail after he managed to get a second poster up in a shop window. Unfortunately in his excitement he obviously didn't notice that both his posters are promoting Liam the Lurcher.

His campaign (apparently run by my blogging nemesis The Bulldog) has failed to make him a household name in Picton, and it appears he isn't even a household name among his own campaign team!

Unfortunately, incorrect imprints are the least of Tim's sins.

Tune in next time kids for the next instalment on Timbo the Terrier!

Lots of doggie love,

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Expletives deleted

Just had yet another charming selection of comments from Labour. This latest one was foul mouthed, incoherent, and almost certainly drunk.

I think I know exactly which Labour member that was!

I am generally happy to allow my critics to have their say, particularly when they are as stupid as this individual.

In his rant he did admit that Labour have now given up all hope of winning overall control of liverpool.

Nevertheless, foul language will not be accepted. After all, this is a family blog and I am a family dog!

Now, as I warned the last human, I can make it to the gate in 3 seconds. Can you?


Saturday, April 19, 2008

In a hole - and still digging

The fallout from Labour's 10p tax rate fiasco continues, both within the Labour party and the ever increasing band of disillusioned ex-Labour voters I am meeting on the doorsteps and by the lamp posts.

Wavertree Labour MP Jane Kennedy has been busy digging holes like a manically depressed terrier.

The Sun (not a paper I would normally be willing to have my own mess picked up with - I'm a good Scouse dog after all!) is the latest to rip her to shreds.

"Bleating Treasury minister Jane Kennedy was interrupted by a woman pensioner during a radio interview last week. The woman asked how she would like to lose £200 out of an income of just £8,000.

Well, whined Kennedy, the lady must be grateful for other Labour acts of kindness to the elderly — such as tax credits which are so complicated that two million of the poorest don’t claim them.

Former [Labour] supporters are already deserting in droves.

Many of the seats are marginal, like Jane Kennedy, whose majority in Liverpool Wavertree is just 5,173.

Maybe she’ll find out just how generous Labour has been when she’s looking for a job."

I am reminded of Jeremy Paxman's infamous quote on Newsnight:

"Jane Kennedy... how can families across this country ever trust you again?"

We haven't finished this campaign yet and am already looking forward to the next one!

I can see the leaflets already. No one ever said politics could be so much fun!

Catch ya next time.
Lots of doggie love,

Friday, April 18, 2008

All go on the campaign tail

Another busy day in my campaign.

Writing leaflets, direct mail letters, folding and stuffing, delivering, door-knocking, taking photos, chasing up casework (and having to go to meetings).

We have got most of our leaflets out and continue to garner great support everywhere we go. Loads of people are recognising me, and everyone is so friendly.

A couple of things are worthy of mention today

I stopped counting our petition returns ages ago, but more arrive every day.

We were canvassing tonight. Lots of evidence of switching, the Labour vote is not soft any more, it is now crumbling. Actually, soft things don't crumble, they just squish and squash like a squeaky toy.

Humans are rightly fuming with Labour over their tax rise for people on low incomes and Joe the Pitbull's would be Council Tax rise.

And after seeing Rosie the Rottweiler's e-mail, she's about as popular as a six month old biscuit at the bottom of the dog basket.

I am feeling confident, everything is looking good, and I had sausages for tea!

Catch ya next time

Lots of doggie love,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dirty Computer Screen

I just realised how dirty my computer screen is. I must really stop shaking myself in my office when I come back from walkies!

A colleague of mine has set up a new screen cleaning service, which you can see here!
So I followed his advice and now my monitor is a lot cleaner.

If Labour get back in I might have to take it up professionally just to pay my Council Tax bill!

Paws crossed that doesn't happen.

Lots of doggie love,

Monday, April 14, 2008

Snout in the dog bowl

Latest news from Joe the Pitbull (known to some humans as Mr Potatohead) as he announces his priority if he becomes Liverpool's Top Dog in the Town Hall.

He wants to give himself a massive pay rise - which could take him up to £50,000 a year! That's an awful lot of dog food and squeaky toys.

£50,000 a year..."Because I'm worth it!"

So... Not only did he want your council tax to be £144 higher... thinks it's not business friendly to tax landlords and property developers who leave houses empty to blight our communities...and I could go on (and probably will another day) but his first job on gaining power will be to put his own snout in the dog bowl!

And it's not the first time he has demanded a pay rise. In 2005 he called for a pay rise for himself. But an independent panel said he didn't deserve it!

Obviously he thinks he's worth it, even though he has one of the worst attendance records of any councillor.

Obviously we are paying him just to run Liverpool's Anti-PR department (and I must admit he has done a great job at it)!

He has the cheek to promise a war on waste. The biggest waste of money in the city is that we are currently paying him £20,000 a year to do so little that benefits the city!

Of course, this does mean that there will be one person in Liverpool who wouldn't be worse off, once Labour get their paws on our council tax.

Catch ya next time.
Lots of doggie love,

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Leaked e-mail

As promised, here is the leaked e-mail from Rosie the Rottweiler.

Labour's Rose e-mailed then fellow Labour Councillor Nadia to chastise her for inviting that nice Phil Moffat along to a meeting with the police to discuss crime on the estate.

Rosie refused to meet with the police if Phil was there.

To make matters worse, Rosie is paid twice to represent us. First as a Councillor, and secondly as a member of the police authority.

She refused to do the two jobs she’s paid for, while her party halve Liverpool’s crime and safety funding.

Now she has been caught out putting petty political disputes before the safety of local people. I hope she is suitably ashamed of herself.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Trembling behind the sofa

My blogging nemesis, The Bulldog, is cross with me.

Apparently she launched into a tirade against me on her blog, saying that I should be ashamed of myself (Although, as far as I am aware I have never disgraced myself on her carpet)!

She says I had no right to expose such an upstanding canine specimen as Liam the Lurcher, just because he is two timing the people of Kensington.

She says Liam is wonderful, a fine young man, and she is full of admiration for him... I hope he knows what he's in for, when she invites him back to her place to see her Boro FC strip.

I feel well and truly chastised, and I am going to go and hide behind the sofa, trembling!

Just remembered, I had promised to reveal the top secret leaked email sent by Rosie. Oh well, it's getting late so I will do it tomorrow.

Lots of doggie love,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Manifesto Launch

So we launched our manifesto at 8am this morning at The Room in Castle Street. Great venue and some food was laid on. Pastries unfortunately, I would have chosen bacon sandwiches. Maybe I need to speak to Warren about putting me in charge of food selection?

Anyway, lots of exciting ideas to take the city forward and I was very pleased to see a pledge to fight the incinerator plans. As I said before, I have a very sensitive nose and I am concerned that all the dust from the incinerator could leave me sneezing all the time.

Have a look at the manifesto and let me know what you think.

Just seen an interesting leaked e-mail from Rosie the Rottweiler, but I am dog tired, so I will tell you about it next time.

I'm off to bed to put head on paws, I bet I will be canvassing rabbits in my sleep.

Lots of doggie love,

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A not so faithful friend

More news from the campaign tail.

Labour's Liam the Lurcher has been going round Kensington & Fairfield promising to be their faithful friend.

What he isn't telling them is that he's also making the same promise to people in Fylde, near Blackpool.

In fact he is hoping to trot off to London as a Blackpool MP. You can bet if he wins in Blackpool he will drop the people of Kensington like a hot sausage.

Naturally, Labour voters in Kensington are feeling cheated and betrayed.

Kensington bloodhound, Frank Doran sniffed out the story and is now busy delivering the news to local people. Frank has been top dog in Kensington for 30 years, and people know he won't be moving to Blackpool after the election.

I wonder what my blogging nemesis, The Bulldog, must be thinking about this one?

I will keep you posted.

Lots of Doggie Love,

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Snow in April

What a surprise when I woke up this morning. I put my paws on the window sill to check what was going on in the street, and there was snow outside - in April!

I only had a few minutes to play outside before it was time to get back to chasing the campaign tail, sorry, trail.

We were out delivering the newspaper again, and boy was it cold out there! Occasionally Steve would dry my paws to make sure I didn't get frost bite between my pads - he is a considerate owner!

The newspaper reveals how everyone would have to pay an extra £144 a year in Council Tax if Joe the Pitbull becomes top dog in Liverpool.

It is a big worry, I certainly don't know how I could afford it. Maybe I could raise some money by putting adverts on this blog? Somehow I doubt even that would be enough to pay the bill. I might have to work nights as a guard dog!

Will try and work even harder to make sure that never happens. Just think of all the sausages £144 could buy!
Lots of doggie love

Saturday, April 5, 2008

More campaigning

Boy am I tired. No one told me that an election campaign involved so much walking.

Today we have been delivering our new campaign newspaper. It's very good, but no pictures of me this time! Unfortunately the ink does tend to come off and I'm a bit cross no one bothered to tell me I was walking around with ink smudges on my nose.

I am convinced that the election winning strategy is to have lots of pictures on me on every leaflet. Will have to raise this at the next campaign meeting...I hope Phil brings those sausages!

I believe it was the Grand National today, with record crowds in Liverpool and every hotel room full again. It's really amazing how the city is being transformed. We were too busy to watch any of the race, but I hope everyone else enjoyed it.

Looking forward to putting my paws up this evening to watch the new Doctor Who series, but it's just not the same without K9 in charge!

I think I will get in some head on paws time before dinner.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Fame at last!

Lots of nice colour FOCUS leaflets going out at the moment with my picture on.

And they are obviously very effective as I keep getting recognised in the street and in the park. People keep wanting to come and chat and stroke my coat. A girl even offered me one of her chips, but unfortunately forgot to mention it had vinegar on it, ugh!

Nevertheless I am starting to think there might be some perks to this new-found fame.

In the park, a very pretty Border Collie called Susie came over to wish me luck. I hope to meet her again.

I am worried though that I won't be able to do normal doggie things once everyone recognises me. Do I have to stop cocking my leg against cars? And what is the etiquette for sniffing other dogs bottoms in public when you are famous? If any of you know the answer, please leave me a message.

There must be other dogs involved in Liverpool politics, I must try and get in touch with them for tips on how to cope with all this.

Catch ya next time!

Lots of doggie love,

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Campaign meeting

That nice Phil Moffat called round last night for a campaign meeting.

I can't really divulge what we decided in case Rosie the Rottweiler or Joe the Pitbull are reading this - but the campaign is going really well.

During the meeting, Phil regularly scratched me behind my ears, which is always nice and does aid my creative powers for campaign ideas.

For those of you that don't know, Phil is one of my neighbours on the Croxteth estate and a very popular and hard working local councillor.

He also runs the excellent Churchills Food Emporium on West Derby Road.

Please forgive the shameless commercial plug, but hopefully he will reward me with some of his fantastic sausages next time he calls round! Paws crossed anyway!
Lots of doggie love,

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No to the incinerator

Steve and Lib Dem Councillor Phil Moffatt have been doing a lot of campaigning against the plans to build an incinerator.

Apparently the Labour led Waste Disposal Authority want to build a big plant to burn the region's rubbish. Lots of people are worried that the dust and fumes from this burner will be dangerous.

Personally I am very worried about all the dust - particularly when you have as sensitive a nose as mine. The big problem with being so close to the ground is that every time I sneeze, I bang my nose on the floor! If this crazy plan goes ahead I'm sure I will be sneezing all the time - and will end up with a nose like Rudolf!


Two of Phil's Lib Dem friends have resigned from the Waste Board in protest at the way Labour have been carrying on with these plans behind closed doors. Well done chaps for making a stand.

Apparently Rosie the Rottweiler was concerned about this a few months ago. She asked the Council to discuss the incinerator plans - but changed her mind at the last minute. Perhaps she was feeling the heat from her pals in the Labour Party?