Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Moving to Liverpool? Kill yourself says Labour!

A Senior Liverpool Labour Councillor stunned conference delegates by suggesting that southerners would be more likely to kill themselves and their families rather than move to Liverpool.

The "All Together Now" event on 24th January, at the Novas Contemporary Urban Centre on Greenleaf Street, was organised by the TUC to discuss the legacy of Liverpool's year as Capital of Culture.

Steve Mumby asked an astonished audience, what would be the more likely reaction if an executive in the south received a letter from his company telling him he was being relocated to Liverpool.

"Would he think, Great, we're moving to a city of culture, good schools, lower house prices etc? Or would he tell his wife and kids to get in the car, attach a hosepipe to the exhaust, and end it all?"

Not surprisingly, the question was greeted with stunned, embarrassed silence.

Why am I surprised every time Labour politicians do something to run our city down? I really should have learnt by now shouldn't I?

If you're reading this Steve, I am more than happy to publish any statement you wish to make to retract these comments.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Naughty Jane caught out

Local Labour MP Jane Kennedy is in the dog house after being caught out by a tabloid sleaze investigation.


Jane has been claiming £83,000 a year in staffing allowances from the taxpayer, some of which she pays to her partner, Peter Dowling, for "research work".

After the high profile Tory sleaze scandals over the summer, MPs were ordered to register the employment of family members. But Jane didn't bother to declare her partner's employment until Friday 16th January, after she found out about the Mail on Sunday investigation.

Amazingly, she hasn't even apologised for misleading the public, instead she brazenly insists she did nothing wrong! What a cheek!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crime watch dog

Don't advertise your home to thieves!

That's the clear message the police keep trying to get across to people to help in the fight against crime, particularly in holiday seasons.

It's obviously not a message that got through to my blogging nemisis, the bulldog, who advertised on her blog that she was spending Christmas in Portugal.

She certainly has been a very silly girl. Considering takes just a few seconds to find her home address on the internet.

Amazingly, when one of her correspondents warned her of this, she didn't even have the sense to take the post down. Instead she claimed to have "friends" from Australia staying in her house over Christmas while she was off sunning herself!

She must think the burglars are daft! Even the Jack Russell next door wouldn't fall for that one.

P.S. I did my bit by not posting this until she got home. Perhaps she will try to show some more common sense next time.