Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Con-Dem cuts

I was with Joe in the chauffeur driven car (perks of office eh!) listening to the spending review on the radio, and we where both left apoplectic (well Joe was only apoplectic after I explained what the word meant) .

So this is what the Con Dems are doing

A 19% cut in government funding - taking us back to 2006 levels - instead of the more responsible 20% cut Labour promised before the election. How irresponsible can you get?

What's more, they won't even be cutting the NHS - even though Alistair Darling pledged to include them in our 20% cut!!! Instead they are taking it out on poor higher rate taxpayers like poor Joe Anderson.

Highlights include:
  • Permanent tax on banks
  • axing tax relief on people who save more than £50,000 a year in their pensions
  • benefits cuts for the rich
  • £900 million crackdown on rich tax evaders 
  • higher capital gains tax for rich
Even more irresponsibly, the con-dems plan to increase spending, including:
  • More money for schools
  • a £7bn "premium" for poorest pupils
  • more money for the NHS
  • £2billion for social care
  • More cancer drugs to be made available
  • More investment in transport (including £100 million for Liverpool's railways)
  • 150,000 new affordable houses
  • 75,000 apprenticeships every year
  • £1billion green investment bank
  • More overseas aid
  • £1bn regional growth fund 
What do they think they are doing? We can't go on wasting money like this!

It's just lucky Gordon signed the contract for the two aircraft carriers before the election. Now it would have cost more to cancel them than to build them. Ha! We got you there!

Even worse, they plan to cut back on vital nuclear warhead, delay trident's replacement, cut back on fighter planes and cut back our armed forces to a level where we couldn't even afford to invade Iraq again!!!

After seeing how the country is being run by a bunch of lilly livered liberal lefties, it just makes me even more glad that I made the brave decision to defect to Labour this summer.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Councillor of Dibley

Time for a lookalike of another of the new crop of Labour Councillors. Apparently this was sent to Dude a couple of months ago, yet he refused to publish it.

Don't recall Dude refusing to publish cruel lookalikes of Lib Dems before Joe dangled a sausage in front of him. The phrase "two faced hypocrite" comes to mind!

So here it is, Warbreck's own Councillor of Dibley, Maria McEvoy. A spitting image for Dibley's dippy Alice Springs Tinker. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Letting the cat out of the bag

A bit of a cock up on the con-dem front yesterday, after big Joe accidentally admitted that a forth term Labour Government would have slashed services for deprived communities.

In an interview on fat cat pay, Joe inadvertently said, I made it clear BEFORE THE ELECTION that at a time when the government is withdrawing millions of pounds in funding to our most deprived communities, it is essential this burden is borne fairly and not solely on the backs of the lowest earners."

Err, with the greatest respect Joe, you have gone a bit off message there. We aren't admitting any more that a Labour Government would have made cuts, particularly not ones that would have hurt anyone.

(That way we can portray every con-dem cut as evil, such as taking child benefit off poor people earning more than £44,000 a year - even poor working class folk like Joe himself will loose out, outrageous!)

I thought that Waddington's job was to protect Joe, not print slip ups like this. Why didn't he spot this? I only wish I had been in the pub to sound the alarm, instead of being sent off to purchase the meat pies.