Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishing you a waggy christmas

I wish you all a waggy Christmas, and that goes to all my readers including the bulldog, rosie the rottweiler, joe the pitbull, timbo the terrier et all.

That nice Phil Moffatt will be dropping round a turkey and some sausages later, I am almost too exited to wait for tommorow's feast. I'm sure I will be dreaming of sausages all night!

Best wishes to you all,
Lots of doggie love,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Card time

Well for the past few weeks I have been walking my paws off to deliver thousands of Christmas cards to all of my supporters and friends.

As ever, we have designed our own card, this year it has santa's sleigh being pulled across the Liverpool skyline by four lambananas. It's been a big hit with young and old alike, and we've had lots of positive comments. Some even asked me where they can buy the cards from! So well done to all the chaps involved in producing it.

Things don't seem to be going as well in the Labour camp.

In Wavertree avid reader of Horse & Hound, Jane Kennedy MP (Minister for waste, flooding and rabies) has sent out a delightful postcard portrait of herself instead of a Christmas card. I am sure her constituents will be delighted and it should take pride of place on everyone's fire(place).

The card also features MEP Arlene McCarthy and candidate Therasa Griffin. No mention of the other two Labour Euro-MPs. Have they fallen out again or is it just a sexist all girls together job? (Should be some euro-legislation against it - ed)

Over in Riverside, the nicer and more personable Louise Ellman has produced something that looks a lot more like a Christmas card. However, she seems to have even fallen out with Arline and is pictured just with Theresa Griffin.

Why can't you all just try and get on well enough to appear on a christmas card?

Larrylambanana update

Many of my regular readers have asked for an update on poor Larry the Lambanana who was so cruelty stripped of his dignity and left to stand out in the cold covered with religious propaganda.

I am pleased to report that Larry has happily been repainted as Santa by the children in his neighbourhood.

I am told that, since this picture was taken, Larry's Lib Dem namesake in Picton personally installed him in the playground, drilling holes in the tarmac so that Larry could be safely installed outside.

How about that for Lib Dem action?

Now Larry is once again available for all of that local community to enjoy, if you pass him on Lawrence Road, give him a wave from me.

See children, every story can have a happy ending when you vote for those nice Liberal Democrats.

Monday, December 15, 2008

How could he miss?

This has to be the best thing I have seen in ages, George Bush almost getting a taste of what he deserves.
From past experience of sniffing the inside of human trainers, this might be the closed they will ever get to finding biological weapons in Iraq!

Just a pity Blair couldn't have been there to get a taste of the same medicine.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Greens go brown

They may be cute, they may be warm and fluffy, (anything to stop you looking at the detail of their policies) , but Liverpool's Greens have come up with a novel idea to improve the environment. Put more cars on the road.

Yes you heard that right, and no we aren't talking electric/hybrid or biofuel cars either. No, it's more petrol cars for the masses.

Is this yet another party to abandon the environment just because there is an economic crisis? At least the Lib Dems are standing firm on this.

If you want to help the environment, get the train/bus/cycle or my favourite, WALKIES!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


As we approach Christmas, spare a thought for poor Larry the Lambanana.

He thought he had been saved, he thought he would be cared for, when a housing association kindly bought him to preserve him for the community.

Unfortunately they asked Timbo the Terrier's church to look after him for a few days.

Next thing he knew, they were scraping off the artwork that had been lovingly applied by local primary school children, then he was displayed naked for all to see on Gainsborough Road with nothing but Frontline's religious propaganda to keep him warm.

Amazingly, Timbo the Terrier saw nothing wrong with this act of vandalism (not a view shared by the school, the children, or their parents) and used his own Picton Labour newsletter to defend Frontline's actions.

Are you getting your religion & politics mixed Timbo? Better watch it, or you will be mixing in football next.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Zero star landlord

One of Liverpool's largest landlords is in the doghouse after getting zero stars from the Labour Government's Audit Commission, as reported Here in the Daily Post.

The Housing Association called Venture Housing, with 1,300 homes - mainly in Kensington - was condemned for providing a “poor” and “below acceptable” service to tenants.

Inspectors found an "inefficient repair service and no process of ensuring value for money".

They also found serious issues in the timing and quality of gas servicing, with an unacceptable number of properties without a valid gas certificate.

So you would imagine that Kensington's trusty Bulldog would be on the case, standing up for her constituents and publicly condemning this Housing Association?

She claimed that they deserved better (That's Venture Housing - not her constituents) boasted of how proud she is to be on Venture's board and disappointed by the Audit Commission's treatment.

Lets remind ourselves what she said when Liverpool City Council (of which she is also a member) got 1 star from Labour's Audit Commission.

"Council leaders can bleat about the Audit Commission’s criteria being a blunt instrument. They can whinge about lack of government support. And they can point with some satisfaction to good showings in education, social services and the environment."

Double standards? Shurly not. Just depends which face you are wearing.