Monday, December 6, 2010

Loosing another job

Former MP Jane (all you can eat for £400 a month) Kennedy understandably hit the roof when David (boost my pension) Henshaw was appointed to Chair Alder Hey Hospital trust.

Having been sacked previously as a Health Minister after being thwarted in her attempt to stop him becoming Chair of NHS North West, she described him as "A man in whom I have no confidence and for whom I have no respect".

Yet she had another reason to vent her wrath at her opponent.

Those of us paying any attention when she announced she was quitting as an MP, before her expense account could catch up with her, will recall she planned a career "working with the health service".

As one gravy train was pulling into it's final station, she hoped her connections could be timed to jump on board another train. So it's not too surprising that JFK also applied for the cushy number of Alder Hey Chair. After all, this is a "job" paying £42K per year for 2/3 days a week of work (no doubt with also the opportunity for expenses) so you would expect two of the city's greediest to be following the money.

But sadly for her it was not to be, and while Henshaw won the race, Jane didn't make the shortlist.
To lose one job to such a vile little man is unfortunate. To lose two seems more like people are trying to tell you something. Still, I have found a job vacancy you might be interested in, and you will be employed by another of you old mates, Joe Anderson. It will allow you to share your vast knowledge of catering on a budget. Details here.


Ethical Bill said...

Seriously, can anyone take that much money from the NHS for a couple of days work and still look at themselves in the mirror?

The starting salary for a nurse is £21,000! Surely the hospital would be better run if it used the money to employ two extra nurses and run by a volunteer board who do the job because they actually care about the NHS.

Why is chairing a hospital board different from chairing a school governing body, governors don't get paid but most schools function perfectly well?

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that Joe Anderson gave Henshaw a reference for the job in spite of JK...