Friday, April 15, 2011

Labour dumping in Childwall

One thing about you humans, you love to leave food and other goodies laying around for me and my furry friends. Only the other day someone left an all-you-can-eat-buffet bin bag in my pack passage (oh eh misses!)

You dump rubbish everywhere, you even let your dogs dump on the pavement. No wonder we see so many leaflets from you politicians complaining about dumping and demanding action.

But imagine my surprise when a Childwall Labour leaflet was used to line my cage recently. Such is the public service from those nice Labour people, it appears that they caught this man in the act and decided to name and shame him.

There is really no excuse for dumping on our streets, even though Labour closed the last public toilet in Liverpool.


Anonymous said...

Is this man for real he can not string a sentance together I only phoned him to get a wheelie bin emptied and he did not have a clue, this Councillor needs support day and night

Anonymous said...

PS. and to the other anonymous, you dont spell sentEnce like that, sheesh!