Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Moving to Liverpool? Kill yourself says Labour!

A Senior Liverpool Labour Councillor stunned conference delegates by suggesting that southerners would be more likely to kill themselves and their families rather than move to Liverpool.

The "All Together Now" event on 24th January, at the Novas Contemporary Urban Centre on Greenleaf Street, was organised by the TUC to discuss the legacy of Liverpool's year as Capital of Culture.

Steve Mumby asked an astonished audience, what would be the more likely reaction if an executive in the south received a letter from his company telling him he was being relocated to Liverpool.

"Would he think, Great, we're moving to a city of culture, good schools, lower house prices etc? Or would he tell his wife and kids to get in the car, attach a hosepipe to the exhaust, and end it all?"

Not surprisingly, the question was greeted with stunned, embarrassed silence.

Why am I surprised every time Labour politicians do something to run our city down? I really should have learnt by now shouldn't I?

If you're reading this Steve, I am more than happy to publish any statement you wish to make to retract these comments.


Michaela said...

What an idiot!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Louise Baldock will have to say about this. After all, she's a big campaigner against carbon dioxide poisoning - about the only thing she's done that I can agree with - and there's Steve promoting it!

The Lurcher said...

Are you surprised?

This is the same Steve Mumby that once put a motion to the council meeting calling for a helipad to be built on the roof of the town hall.