Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We're all going on a... summer holiday

You have to hand it to my mate Joe, he knows how to get the most out of being leader of the Council, not like my old Lib Dem chums.

Jim, sorry Joe, has fixed it for the ENTIRE cabinet to get an all expenses paid trip to Shanghai. Ten lucky Labour councillors will be jetting off on the rates, and Joe has promised that I might get a chance to tag along too if I play my cards right!

It just shows that he really knows how to look after his friends and could teach those Lib Dems more than a lesson or two about taking advantage of the reins of power.
So what have I been doing recently? Well here is another example of Joe's generosity. He recognised that all this animosity between Louise and me has been damaging the team spirit amongst the Labour ranks. So he kindly arranged for Louise and me to go on a getting to know each other holiday in Wales.

It was awkward for both of us on the first day, but on the second we both got drenched, which really broke the ice.

Afterwards we started to have a good time, but unfortunately neither of us took a camera. So the only photo I have is this one, sent to me by a fan who spotted us during a trip on the Lake Bala railway. (Also my new friend Charlie can be seen in the corner of the photo!)


A real scouse boy said...

So you sold your political soul for a free holiday! You're obviously now in the right party, you will feel at home with freeloaders like Blair, Mandelson, Milibland and Balls!

Louise Baldock said...

Hey dude, it's a nice try, but it looks more like Berni Turner than me. I am younger, slimmer and all round prettier than the lady in that picture!! kisses to the little doggy though, what a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Is Joe going to fund the Shanghai trip with the profits from the councils (soon to be happening) sale of Bellefield (EFC's former training ground?? but ssshhhhh, no-one is meant to know.

Horace the Hamster said...

I was most touched to see last night's Echo photo of Jo-Bo and Ian-Jo. I hope they'll be very happy together with Lou-Bo.

Anonymous said...

If you ask me one Liverpool councillor who must have gone on holiday is Croxteth's Councillor Peter Mitchell, i mean he has zero surgeries, never replies to his residents e-mails and you would think with the passing of Rose Bailey that he would be doing double the amount of work!!!!

But then, earlier this week his fat face turns up on a Labour leaflet in his ward, telling residents that the Lib-Dems are going to evict Cobalt residents from their houses, sounds to me like the appointed (supposedly impartial) Cobalt board member is the one doing the scaremongering, tut,tut Cllr Mitchell.

Anonymous said...

Does Peter Mitchell even live in Croxteth? he told members he is local, i think not, and he very rarely ventures into the ward, apart from his visits to the Corrupt-iversity, sorry Communiversity, lets hope that a soon to be called by-election gives the good people of Croxteth the councillors they deserve.