Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Joe Who?

More news from China, and Liverpool's disastrous £380,000 Liverpool day.

A major cock up on the communications front meant that many of the invited chinese bigwigs where unaware that Joe Anderson was leader of the council. Joe Who they asked, as they binned their invitations, deciding not to waste their time listening to anyone other than Warren Bradley!

Further damage was done to Liverpool's reputation, after Anderson broke with protocol and pushed in to speak before local civic dignitaries and then gave a dismal speech made without once looking up from his notes.

In what was perceived as a further snub, Anderson also used his time there to attempt to court a rival chinese city, a move widely seen as rude and disloyal towards his hosts and our twin city.

In the words of one officer speaking on condition of anonymity, "It was a diplomatic disaster! One visit (by Joe Anderson) has wrecked much of the goodwill built up during the rest of the Shanghai expo."

So another fine investment by Labour then!

Perhaps Joe should have watched some of those HSBC adverts demonstrating how a little local knowledge, and respect for local culture and etiquette, can stop you looking like a complete arse.

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