Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nice work if you can get it

As if being an MP wasn't highly paid enough, the enterprising Luciana Berger has found out that there are even more lucrative sidelines to be had.

While many of her constituents would have to work a 12 hour shift to earn £75 just so they can put food on the table, Lucy is able get the same payment by simply "filling in a survey" - 20 minutes work by her own estimate or £225 per hour!

Some have to stack shelves to make ends meet, but filling in surveys has become a nice little earner for our Lucy, some earning her up to £150 - nice work if you can get it.

She also earns £200 an hour writing bimonthly articles for Public Affairs News - no I've never heard of it either! Apparently it advertises itself as "essential reading for lobbyists" now there lies a can of worms waiting to be cranked open! She even twitters for them!

Still, you can't expect a girl to get by on a mere £64,000 a year, not when there is a collie keeping a beady eye on your expenses!


Oy veh! said...

Hmmm. Very interesting. Mind you, it would be more interesting to discover why the fragrant Luciana "donated" £4000 to a certain Anwar Ansari given his dubious connections to Alan Johnson's campaign funds [http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2008/jan/28/uk.partyfunding]. Follow the money, as they say.

The Sad Truth said...

It really doesn't matter what she does, she will still be voted in with a massive majority next time round.

In spite of the fact she was new to the constituency at the start of the year, the unusual way in which Labour party members voted by sending the ballot papers to the house she was staying at, the infamous Shankley comment, linking the Sun newspaper on twitter etc etc - it really doesn't matter.

Her election was either down to the stupiditiy of the electorate, or what was more likely, a woefully mis-organised Lib Dem campaign, as spearheaded by the current Cllr for the handed-down Church ward.

She could come out and eat a child on Wavertree High Street - the Coalition, aided by the spineless individual local Lib Dems who have come out supporting it, will ensure Labour success for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Interesting reading:


Sadly The Truth said...

I really would like to know, Sally - whoever you are - why a previous comment has been witheld, which I wrote, on this particular post. It was neither offensive or gratuitous, but I do suspect contrary to views yourself would express.