Thursday, December 2, 2010

'To Infinity And Beyond'

Labour's Leader Ed Rubberband bounced back into the spotlight following he paternity leave with a brand new slogan borrowed from Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear, promising to go beyond new Labour.

This prompted the press to label him "Buzz Lightweight" after his disastrous performance at PMQs and on the Today Programme last Friday, attempting the define the "stretched middle" that Labour are now pledged to fight on behalf of - having decided the poor are already in the bag, so stuff 'em!

So one of my regular readers started to wonder, just for a bit of fun, if Ed is Buzz Lightweight then which character is his even more lightweight pet Luciana.

Well there were only two serious contenders.

Jessie The Yodeling Cow Girl shares the cold staring eyes and fake smile. She hyperventilates just at the thought of being left on her own to do things and requires a minder at all times.

The other contender had to be Slinky. Standing out for speaking with a Southern accent and possessing a lightweight plastic head, the resemblance is striking.

Feel free to send in other members of Labour's Toy Story.


Labour Red said...

Hmm, interesting story.

On a different note Dude, I've been told by a little bird Cllr Morrison's brother, Luke Massey, was trailing about the election night count filming a forthcoming venture called 'Winning Wavertree':


As it's coming up to Crimbo, I was wondering when the DVD release was? I'm particularly looking forward to the DVD commentry from the aforementioned Councillor.

Will you publish this offering, or skip it like other contrary enquiries?

Anonymous said...

I find the comments on this site highly offensive and considering that you claim to be a councillor, must say a lot for the party you represent...

Anonymous said...

I think Sally the Sheepdog claims to be nothing more than a canine commentator on local politics. And I doubt the law allows dogs to stand for council.

Bird of Freedom said...

Hmmm. Labour Red's post bears a striking resemblance to the one he's just posted on Old Warhorse's blog. In fact, it's identical...so much for originality. For the record, here's what Luke Massey has to say about his experiences whilst filming the "Winning Wavertree" documentary:

"This week in Liverpool was crazy. From Tuesday morning to Friday night I think the crew and I slept around 8 hours in total and the people we were filming must of slept around 4 if that. The footage we got was gold and I’m so thankful to Leon Davies (producer) and Scott Sullivan (Camera) for all there hard work and general greatness on both a professional and personal level.

As for the people we filmed, I hope what we produce does them justice as they are by far some of the nicest, most genuine, and utterly awe-inspiring people I have ever met in my life and I wish them all the best in future. Just being around them for as little as 4 days has really changed my outlook on several work related matters and made me assess exactly what I do and how I do it. The time there also confirmed to me how much I love the city and that going up there every few months maybe isn’t enough for me and like all true loves you just want to spend as much time with them as possible".

Anonymous said...

Slinky's far too cute to be Wavertree's MP. You need a character with much colder eyes and a thin fake smile - there might be a better lookalike in Finding Nemo.

picton warrior said...

Bird of Freedom, I think there is little doubt the genuinely nice people in film had a whale of a time losing Wavertree, and whilst the film-maker may of "really changed my outlook on several work related matters and made me assess exactly what I do and how I do it", I assume that also goes for the people in the film. But any word of when "Winning Wavertree" is to be released / screened?

Film Critic said...

Luke's 'Winning Wavertree' feature is in post production still, but his movie the War House is to be released soon I think.

Should be a big hit from what I heard.

A big future in film beckons, so it is said..