Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good things in small packages

Hi there folks.

If your here looking for a blogging canine then you'll be disappointed. Since the dogs scarpered many of us have had a small hole in our daily internet experience.

It's obvious that this blog is missed, why else would a blog that hadn't been updated this year be receiving almost 2000 visitors last month alone?

Fortunately the previous owners failed to come up with a particularly original password, and tonight I finally cracked it. Honestly I'm surprised nobody tried it before, but I got there first - so consider this blog under new management!

Sally and Dude, thanks for all the fun in the past, but you have let us down and it's time for you to sling your hooks. They say that every dog has his day, and yours has gone.

Fortunately I'm more than up to the job. It helps that I'm small enough to squeeze into to the hidden corners of power - you won't believe some of the political gossip I get to hear.

I've been warned that there may be a cat loose on this blog, although none of us have heard from him. Still I'll need to be on the look out for any fury rivals popping up on here.

Please bare with me while I get used to this, but I'll try and eek out a few small stories to wet your appetite over the next few weeks.

What? You don't believe a simple hamster can perform the same job as a dog? Well just look here!

Who needs dogs? I'm cheaper to run, and you don't need to walk me when it's raining.
Bye for now, Hammy.


Labour Guy said...

So which party are you from Hammy? From your picture you look to me like a Tory Toff

Sharon Bradley said...

Labour Guy, Tory/Lib Dem,,,is there a difference now days?