Monday, December 1, 2008

The Zero star landlord

One of Liverpool's largest landlords is in the doghouse after getting zero stars from the Labour Government's Audit Commission, as reported Here in the Daily Post.

The Housing Association called Venture Housing, with 1,300 homes - mainly in Kensington - was condemned for providing a “poor” and “below acceptable” service to tenants.

Inspectors found an "inefficient repair service and no process of ensuring value for money".

They also found serious issues in the timing and quality of gas servicing, with an unacceptable number of properties without a valid gas certificate.

So you would imagine that Kensington's trusty Bulldog would be on the case, standing up for her constituents and publicly condemning this Housing Association?

She claimed that they deserved better (That's Venture Housing - not her constituents) boasted of how proud she is to be on Venture's board and disappointed by the Audit Commission's treatment.

Lets remind ourselves what she said when Liverpool City Council (of which she is also a member) got 1 star from Labour's Audit Commission.

"Council leaders can bleat about the Audit Commission’s criteria being a blunt instrument. They can whinge about lack of government support. And they can point with some satisfaction to good showings in education, social services and the environment."

Double standards? Shurly not. Just depends which face you are wearing.

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