Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Card time

Well for the past few weeks I have been walking my paws off to deliver thousands of Christmas cards to all of my supporters and friends.

As ever, we have designed our own card, this year it has santa's sleigh being pulled across the Liverpool skyline by four lambananas. It's been a big hit with young and old alike, and we've had lots of positive comments. Some even asked me where they can buy the cards from! So well done to all the chaps involved in producing it.

Things don't seem to be going as well in the Labour camp.

In Wavertree avid reader of Horse & Hound, Jane Kennedy MP (Minister for waste, flooding and rabies) has sent out a delightful postcard portrait of herself instead of a Christmas card. I am sure her constituents will be delighted and it should take pride of place on everyone's fire(place).

The card also features MEP Arlene McCarthy and candidate Therasa Griffin. No mention of the other two Labour Euro-MPs. Have they fallen out again or is it just a sexist all girls together job? (Should be some euro-legislation against it - ed)

Over in Riverside, the nicer and more personable Louise Ellman has produced something that looks a lot more like a Christmas card. However, she seems to have even fallen out with Arline and is pictured just with Theresa Griffin.

Why can't you all just try and get on well enough to appear on a christmas card?

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Anonymous said...

I dont think your party will have too many candidates succsessful in Liverpool, whether they are male or female!