Tuesday, December 2, 2008


As we approach Christmas, spare a thought for poor Larry the Lambanana.

He thought he had been saved, he thought he would be cared for, when a housing association kindly bought him to preserve him for the community.

Unfortunately they asked Timbo the Terrier's church to look after him for a few days.

Next thing he knew, they were scraping off the artwork that had been lovingly applied by local primary school children, then he was displayed naked for all to see on Gainsborough Road with nothing but Frontline's religious propaganda to keep him warm.

Amazingly, Timbo the Terrier saw nothing wrong with this act of vandalism (not a view shared by the school, the children, or their parents) and used his own Picton Labour newsletter to defend Frontline's actions.

Are you getting your religion & politics mixed Timbo? Better watch it, or you will be mixing in football next.


Anonymous said...

Just like the BNP, you attack your opponents on the basis of their faith - and not for the first time, either. Shame on you.

Dude the Dog said...

What a pathetic statement, and with it you devalue the consensus against the BNP's type of politics.

Like most canines, I have no religion. I am however a most tolerant creature. I don't care what my opponents religious views are, however I do care when the destroy the artwork of little children so they can replace it with a religious message.

Particularly when said item doesn't belong to them!