Thursday, June 12, 2008

Liverpool One

Local humans have been getting very excited about the latest Lib Dem achievement in Liverpool - the Liverpool One shopping development.

Apparently 200,000 humans went there on the first day, so I thought I would leave it a couple of weeks before sniffing it out.

It all looks really good and has transformed a huge section of the city centre. However I couldn't find any shop selling dog baskets, leads or collars. I couldn't even find anywhere selling my favourite staple food (apart from the John Lewis restaurant where they have sausage & mash and excellent views of the river).

I think this is a great oversight and hopefully it will be sorted when the rest of the development opens in September. The bit I am really looking forward to is the new Chavasse Park, which is looking great and will be a brill place to run about.

My human correspondents have reported back a few amusing incidents from the opening weekend, the best of which is the spotting of an eagle sister in Austin Reed.

The Eagle was strutting around in dark glasses even though it was a cloudy day. It's not certain if she was trying to look like a WAG or just didn't want to be recognised by any (generally low paid) shop assistants, who won't be chuffed at paying £100's more in tax just to give the rich a tax cut!

Anyway, the Eagle was explaining to the shop assistant that she needed a new outfit for work.

"Oh, who do you work for?" innocently asked the shop assistant.

"I'M A MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT!" squawked the Eagle.

I note that she still didn't answer the question, perhaps she just has forgotten, like most Labour politicians these days!

My two correspondents were unable to report the rest of the conversation as the had to leave the store, unable to contain their laughter any longer.

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Lily Puppy said...

The Lily is glad to hear you had a new shopping center. That's spiffy. Sorry to hear they didn't have what you needed as far as treats. The puppy offers her condolences...

By the way, the Lily thinks it's awesome that you call yourself "Dude The Dog".

Bark, woof, etc.