Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Did you miss me?

Hi there to all my loyal fans.

I took a break over the summer, and never really intended to return to blogging. However, I have been inundated by complaints from my human supporters, and have finally agreed to return paws to keyboard.

I shall return to reporting my news, gossip and musings on these pages. What started off as a bit of election fun is now looking more like a job for life. Oh well!

So what have I been doing over the summer, I hear you ask?

Well I have been catching up on sleep a lot of the time, and read a few improving books, such as Mark Steel's excellent book What's Going On which is a hilarious critique of Middle Age, New Labour, and the failures of the far left.

I also spent some time trotting around the country, including another memorable trip to York. I will spare you the details as my arch nemesis The Bulldog has threatened me with legal action and open warfare if I post details of any more of my trips to visit friends in Yorkshire! Fortunately I don't think she knows where I live yet, so free speech is preserved, albeit from an underground position.

This is how things are under New Labour, you are virtually banned from having similar holidays as new Labour politicians. No doubt this is so that they don't have to mix with ordinary people (or dogs) and discover how hated they are.

Everywhere I stayed someone managed to work into the conversation a derogatory comment about Gordon Bean... sorry Brown! I have never known anything like it.

Just had the final call for my evening walk, so I will catch you next time.

Lots of doggie love,

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