Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My friend Zac

Finally got round to putting paws to paper to write to my pen friend Zac, who lodges at the Dogs Trust centre in Huyton.

Zac send me a nice postcard over the summer telling me he has moved into a new kennel, which he is sharing with a cross breed called Lilly. They appear to be getting on VERY well and they regularly snuggle up together on the armchair. How romantic!

I know that Zac reckons he's a real charmer with the lady dogs, but I bet he wouldn't give up his last doggie-choc for this Lilly.

Anyway, I finally got around to updating him on all my exciting news from recent months. From the thrill of the election campaign tail to my unexpected fame as a celebrity dog blogger!

Zac does have his own fan page on the Internet, where he gets lots of messages from is supporters. Unfortunately he hasn't taken up blogging yet, although I have offered to help him get started.

Zac really needs to get himself on e-mail so we can chat more often, I feel guilty that I hadn't written to him since February. At least I am in the luck position of being able to help a dog less fortunate than myself.

Now for a completely shameless plug. If you can afford it, please sponsor Zac or one of his housemates by visiting http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/sponsor_a_dog/whysponsoradog/ They never put a healthy dog to sleep, and your donation will make sure that more of my doggie friends get the life they deserve.

Lots of doggie love,

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