Thursday, September 25, 2008

Safe sex campaign

I know I often use the pages of this blog to criticise my arch nemesis The Bulldog, so in the interest of balance I have to give credit where it is due.

Kensington Safe Sex Day appears to have slipped past me, but not passed the Bulldog, who decided to make a real effort for the day by wearing a giant condom!

Politicians always take themselves far too seriously, so there is no harm in the occasional stunt that shows they have a sense of humour.

It proves that Bulldog is a sport really, and all credit to her for highlighting this important issue.


modster said...


Dude you are a legend!

J Anderson said...

Just that photo would be enough to put me off.

The Lurcher said...

As a Labour party member, I was very surprised and impressed that you have taken time off your usual hostile messages to congratulate Bulldog for this.

I didn't even know she had done it and I will get in touch with her to give her a pat on the back.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha...fantastic! Dude we love you!!!