Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The environment's stuffed

Thanks to my blogging nemesis for alerted me to the news that Wavertree MP Jane Kennedy has been sacked..., sorry..., promoted from her job as Financial Secretary to the Treasury to the environmental number 2!

Jane, who's interests are listed as horses and hounds, has said Tally Ho to the world of finance and managing our economy, just as all but the most thoroughbred banks are being carted off to the knackers yard.

Horsey Jane oversaw such triumphs as the loss of benefits data of every child in Britain, thus improving the economic prospects for our nation's ever growing data fraud industry.

Plus, axing 400 local jobs, possibly including The Bulldog if she hadn't jumped first.

And not to mention her involvement in Labour's successful policy of redistributing wealth from all those under productive humans earning less than £18,000 (and therefore giving them an incentive to work harder to try and join the elite group of humans that are too rich to pay tax.)

With a record like that, no wonder she is being promoted away from "the poisonous chalice of HMRC" (as The Bulldog described it)

So with that no longer under her reins, she is trotting off to become Minister of State for Farming and the Environment, her responsibilities listed as:
  • Animal health, welfare and disease
  • Exotic animal disease policy programme and emergency response capability
  • Bovine TB
  • The food chain
  • Waste and recycling
  • Our Water Supply
  • Coastal erosion & Flooding
With our Jane in charge, we can be sure she will be able to transfer her record of success to all of these fields, leaving our environment in almost as good health as the financial markets.

My advice is get your TB and rabies jabs, build up your food stores before rationing is brought back, and get on with building that ark in your back garden.

Catch ya next time... unless the floods catch you first!
Lots of doggie love,

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