Friday, October 10, 2008

Free Swims For All

I was very pleased to read that the Lib Dems in Liverpool are giving free sports and swims to the elderly.

It's widely known that the Lib Dems gave free leisure passes to all local kids in 2006, and it's resulted a massive increase in the number of kids swimming, playing tennis, squash, badminton, and using the gym. So I hope my older readers will be as quick to take up the offer.

What has not been publicised is that the Council has been offering free swims to the canine community for years.

Just pop down to your local park, and dive in! You will often spot me out doing the doggie paddle, and if you are really lucky, I will give you a free shower when I climb out.

Still, I'm glad to see my human friends are at last catching up with some of the free facilities available to us dogs.

Free swims for everyone - that's my manifesto. First one in the lake gets one of Mr Moffat's wonderful sausages... Just you try and catch me!

Lots of doggie love,

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Dude the Dog said...

An open letter Council Leader Mr Bradley:

Dear Mr Bradley,

I was very please to read about the great work you are doing in bringing free swims to even more of my human friends.

However, I thought I should write to remind you that the Council has also for many years been offering free swims for the canine community. This is a really great service that does not seem to be promoted.

I'm sure that Joe the Pitbull, could benefit from this opportunity to keep fit. If only someone was to publicise it to him.

With Best Wishes,
Dude the dog