Friday, October 3, 2008

Public apology

I feel it is only fair that I issue a public apology to my blogging nemesis The Bulldog for last week's article.

Obviously it was very wrong of me to suggest that she might have a sense of humour or not take herself too seriously. I unreservedly retract such statements.

She claims the article caused confusion and upset for Labour party members, who genuinely believed that she dressed up for a Safe Sex Day. I will leave you to decide what this says about the intelligence of Labour Party members!

However, to suggest that such an important and respected campaign such as the Linda McCartney Breast Cancer Campaign could be damaged, cheapened or belittled just from a bit of gentle teasing - caused by her misusing the photo for her own publicity - shows she is out of touch with reality.

To put it in simple terms that even a Labour member could understand...

Taking part in the Linda McCartney Campaign: GOOD
Using the photo as part of promoting the event: GOOD
Using the photo out of context to promote her blog and herself politically: BAD, and worthy of satire.

If the bulldog cares to use her influence to keep the genuinely libellous Labour run Subculture blog under control, then perhaps she can claim some moral high ground.

Until then, you're only making it worse for yourself luv!

Lots of love and licks,

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