Monday, February 9, 2009

"Now appologise for being innocent!"

Not Guilty, cleared by Labour's own Standards Board. That was the verdict on Warren Bradley, accused of "bullying" council officials for cocking up the 2007 Mathew Street Festival.

Having spent 18 months demanding Warren resigns, and insisting that he will be found guilty, what reaction would you expect from our very own municipal pitbull, Joe Anderson?

Silence? Keeping his head down? No, instead he demanded that Warren apologises to the people of Liverpool.

WHAT, I hear you say.

Yes that's right. Apologise for being found innocent!

Innocent until proven guilty has been the linchpin of British justice since the Magna Carta. Well, she might have been a lovely girl, but she certainly died in vain!)

Labour have done their best to close that loophole since 1997, ask anyone flown off to Guantanamo Bay in an orange jump-suit!

But here in Liverpool, Joe Anderson appears to have gone one better - Guilty when proven innocent. Clearly, if Joe the Pitbull was in charge, he would make Guantanamo Bay look like Pontins!

Can you hear Magna Carta spinning in her grave? Or is it a Bulldog bleating?


Anonymous said...

Forget the Magna Carta - in Lib Dem Land Steve Hurst is innocent even when proven guilty!

Real Scouseboy said...

Are you really surprised? Rent-a-quote Anderson had to say something and, as usual, it was the first thing that came out of his bottom.

Dude the Dog said...

While in Labour land peers can take bribes (sorry consultancy fees) and don't even face trial.

Ministers can take £100k donations for their deputy leadership campaigns and just forget to register them...

...Or claim £23K a year for a second home, while living with their sister...

...or put their live-in lover on the payroll and not declare it...

...Or lie in parliament to take us to war, and get away with it.

Do you want me to go on?