Friday, August 21, 2009

Pay as you quit

Imagine if you could get a fat pay off every time you are sacked or quit your job, even if you then took back the position a few months later? Well just ask serial quitter Jane Kennedy who felt she deserved compensation for having her income slashed from £104,000 a year to a mere £64,766 + expenses!

First she resigned as a health minister, and was compensated with a £9,714 lump sum. A few months later she was back as a Treasury Minister, and then Minister for food (thanks to her vast experience at consuming it and sending us the bill, £13,000 don't forget) then she was either sacked or resigned (she's not quite sure which!!!) she trousered another £10,162.

Greedy Jane arrogantly argued that it wasn't worth commenting on.

“It’s an entirely separate job and entirely separate contract. These are just contractual arrangements that you don’t give a second thought to when you’re in the job or leave the job. Becoming a minister is an extremely serious job and it’s full of responsibility. You get paid a salary for doing it and you’re expected to do it over and above your constituency role," she bleated.

I wonder if the thousands of people in Liverpool made unemployed, thanks the way she helped cock up the economy as a Treasury Minister, feel she deserves to be rewarded for her failure. Particularly when she is still pocketing more than three times the average wage of her constituents.

In defence of her own £8,125 pay off, Wallasey's Angela Eagle squawked “I was sacked – that’s why I qualified for severance pay. When you do a job and you get sacked, you’re entitled to severance pay.”

I bet many people in Liverpool would be willing to face the sack, if it meant having their income cut to a mere £64,766!


Anonymous said...

Let them eat sardines!

BAGLADY said...

I am scandalised ! How dare Ms Kennedy treat the people of Wavertree with such utter contempt !
I'm on the dole and I have to buy jars of Asda curry sauce at 4p apiece and Asda Beans and Sausages at 20p per can because I can't afford a balanced diet.

She is a disgrace to the human race !

Keep exposing her Dude - you're a great dog mate !

muriel said...

Colin Eldridge is marvellous

battybetty said...

...never seen Kennedy on the 26/27 route...bet she's got a bloody chauffeur and claims it on expenses !