Monday, July 12, 2010

hanging his head?

I don't know what happened to Dude last week, perhaps he was hanging his head in shame after getting wind of Labour's plan to axe free leisure passes for the young and old.

As usual, the toadying Echo portray it as a coalition cut, even though most of the money comes from the Council, and Labour planned to cut off the government support next year anyway, with councils being left to take up the cost themselves.

Dude won't like me reminding you of the fanfare with which he greeted it's introduction by the Lib Dems of of free swimming and sports passes here, claiming that he believed in free swims for all.

So Dude, are you going to come out and condemn your new Labour masters, or are you just a hypocrite?


Laddie come home said...

Dude's doggy paddling up the creek with Joe n Co !

Yankee Doodle Danny said...

Shit Creek I'd have said !

Dude the Dog said...

What rubbish Sally. Pensioners and children will be welcome to carry on with their free swims, just pop down to your local park lake like I do.

Foxy said...

What a good idea Dude. Pensioners might even be able to catch and strangle a few ducks to save on meat bills

Keen OAP swimmer said...

Ah yes, another LibDem/Tory cut, thanks for reminding us. You championed free swimming when Labour was paying for it, even though it was nothing to do with you. Endless photos of Bradley and Eldridge hanging round in the new Wavertree baths. Now it is your lot who are cutting it. Hang your heads. Hypocrites