Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pay him more!

I can't believe all the fuss about Joe Anderson doubling his salary to a mere £52,000!

The man has selflessly given up his job to be leader of our great city, you can't expect him to survive on a poxy £31,000 a year? I wouldn't get out of my basket for that, and I am sure no-one else in the city wouldn't either.

The peasants expect to be led by someone bigger and better paid than themselves, and £52k certainly puts him head and shoulders above 95% of the local population, yet still leaves him trailing the (station) master of allowances - Merseytravel's Labour councillor Mark Dowd, who has collected a whopping £60k through clever use of multiple allowances and expenses.

Still, at least it puts him back ahead of Alan Dean, who enraged many in the leadership when they discovered he was raking in almost £50k a year, plus fees as a consultant advising councillors across the country in his spare time.

I just don't know how our great benefactor can afford to give us his services so cheaply. Although he did admit that he will still be made better off by giving up his job than if he gave up being leader.

Even so, think of all the additional expenses he has, such as buying drinks for that nice journalist Mr Waddington, surely he can claim back the cost through an "entertainment allowance?" I for one feel guilty for paying him a rate that so undervalues his talents. So today I start my campaign. Go on Joe, have the courage to double it again!


Anonymous said...

How much is Kemp taking from the public purse that he believes absolves him from criticism?

Pass the spliff said...

£ 1,000 a week is not to be sniffed at and who would cock their leg up at it ? The only people who don't see the merit of giving Joe the dosh are those idle "Jobseekers" who get £ 64 a week for sitting on their backsides, swigging cheap cider, and getting skunked off their heads.

Trojan said...

Q: What is a Warren?

A: A hole into which timid and cowardly animals dive in for cover.

socialist equality said...

I think the Chief Executive and Leader of the Council should be paid exactly the same

St. Sebastien of Abercromby said...

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.


Surely some revelation is at hand.

Anonymous said...

warren bradley hardly ever shows his face at lcc anymore. all the work he seemingly does is done by his long suffering staff. how dare he criticise others for lack of conviction when he is non existant.the group needs a new hard working down to earth leader, not an egotistical, self centered self publicist who just want his name branded around and does not have the publics interests at home but his own. he should evaluate why he came into politics because he certainy doesnt act on liverpools residents behalf only his own selfish ego beliefs, if the lib dems need a real leader they should look elsewhere within their group.