Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another day protesting against the condems, and this time people actually turned up to join us, perhaps they got the day wrong, or didn't want to be associated with yesterday's Labour only event.

Plenty of shouting and tub thumping going on by those of us willing to brave the rain, it's just that I can't help wondering if we were wasting our time.

Yet again the police kept us so far back from the conference centre that I don't think any of my former Lib Dem friends could see or hear us.

In the end we all just laid down our arms (or placards) and surrendered to the rain. Unfortunately my new Labour friends don't seem to share my concern for the environment, leaving The Strand strewn with litter and placards in a scene akin to Bill Bryson's famous festival of litter.

I can't help but feel that the sight of a filthy Liverpool street won't be a more lingering image for these thousands of visitors to take home than our rather lame protest. As much as I love them, sometimes your friends can be such an embarrassment, don't they realise that it's now a Labour council that will have to clean up their mess?


Pooper Scooper said...

It's all very well you going on about all the union detritus but where did that mound of dog poo come from that was amongst it ? You were the only dog around, did you do it ? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself and it only goes to show how far your standards have slipped since you joined the band of brothers.

Lib Dem Activist said...

Dude, it could have been worse.

You could have actually been inside the Arena, listening to the insincere claptrap being spouted, with gaffforing delegates lapping up every word from the leadership.

My my, how much I now admire the local Labour party of yore, with thier latter masterful campaign techniques, and their previous successful attempts at distancing themselves from the New Labour vision (albeit, with socialist policy I dispise).

Another Labour recruit from the Lib Dems, I hear you cry? Not at all. But this activist has their own mind.

Union leader said...

As the General secretary of the amalgamated union of tub thumpers and rabble rousers (politically unaffiliated - honest gov)I was out banging the drum with the other two hundred protesters on Sunday.

Imagine my surprise when the Echo claimed more than 4000 people turned up.

I wondered if perhaps the other 3800 were swimming in the dock, because there wasn't room for more than a few hundred where we stood.

Naturally a certain journalist was seeing double at the time, and the figures had been seasonally adjusted but even that doesn't explain the Echo's protester inflation rate.

The Farrier said...

Lets face it, the Echo will very much pander to its readership. I'm not sure what that says more about either, really.

As to the double-seeing journo, well, he's very much under the thumb of Uncle Joe - and as might he well be. Unlike the other, (bespecticled), hack on the Echo covering these matters, he's not destined for bigger things - so he might as well make a buck or two from helping fat hands here.

Cheers, this one's on you! (and mine's a cider) *clink*

Riget said...

Joe Anderson: Beelzebub, Grand Duc, Lucifer, Empereur, Satanachia, Grand General.

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

You are all talking rubbish. This is all made up nonesense.

I know exactly how many turned up to demonstrate FOUR!

Me, Mrs Chucklebutty, Mr Clack , Mrs Hewitt and Daft Ronnie from the Wool Shop. So get your damned facts...FIVE! Five turned up.

And as for Paula Kevinkeagan with her conference reports, I am shocked that she should present such a fabrication. Did she think we wouldn't find out?

She wasn't even there and neither was any of the leadership. No delegates, nobody. The place was locked up. A torn poster of Stan Boardman in Godspell and a pigeon on one of the sills.

In the end we dumped our placards in the bin and went for some tea and a Welsh Rarebit. Even the cafe was empty. The only fringe meeting going on was at "Boys & Curls" the local hairdressers.

So if this is an example of the type of barefaced lies put about by the coalition and the local press then I for one will be cancelling my subscription to The Daily Sketch. Not that they ever deliver the damned thing.

Cost me a fortune getting there for this demonstration. Honestly I have never seen Bournemouth so quiet.

I tell a lie, we had a good giggle in the boozer with Charles Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

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