Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where's Wendy?

Wendy Simon, unfairly described on Roger Philips during the general election as "local mediocrity" by a Wavertree Labour member, became one of the first cabinet members to claim her free trip to China this week.

I am told that in order to avoid any embarrassment to Wendy, who is up for election next May, the Council have refused to disclose how much this trip is costing taxpayers. But rest assured it was a pretty penny.


Huflungdung said...

Won Ton Wendy

You Know Who said...

Wendy was in the council chamber at 5pm for full council on Wednesday night Dude, unlike you. We all saw you sloping in late. Is that another meeting you are not now taking seriously?

Dude the Dog said...

Err two things for You Know Who,

First I would never criticise Wendy, she's my mate! If you look at the article you will see that it was actually by Sally, who you should direct your venom to.

Secondly, I would be very surprised if you saw me at a council meeting on Wednesday night.

Cock-a-leekie said...

I saw you. You were up Joe's trouser leg !

You Know Who said...

Dude, we all saw you at full council, we were all looking out for you, missing from your seat in the chamber, and then finally, there you were. Please dont bother pretending to yourself or your tiny few supporters that we dont ALL know who you are. We ALL do. ABSOLUTELY definitely and with certainty. All this petty bluffing may now stop. You are unmasked. You know that, you know that I know that and you know what a dangerous game you are playing (and you know who I am too, writing this). If you were to take the whole site down it would probably save your reputation and your career (because no-one will hire you after you lose your seat in 2012 with the reputation you are going to have acquired by then after your exposure). My colleagues and I will probably choose to let it go if you take the site down now. But if you insist on keeping it up and keeping on posting your vile personal venom and vitriol then you should expect a visit from the police who have been sent logs and screen captures of this site for a long time now and are just waiting for us to decide that the time has come to tell them who you are. This will probably be your last warning, LLF, please save yourself an ocean of grief, quietly take the site down and nobody need ever refer to it again. Leave it up and keep making these disgusting entries and you will be become a victim of your reputation just like the people you have mercilessly pilloried for the last few years.

A real scouse boy said...

Oh you really are up yourself arn't you! If you genuinely had evidence against one of your opponents then you would use it, instead you play this silly game.
As for you pathetic threat that the police are waiting with bated breath for your evidence, last time I checked it wasn't a crime to take the piss out of politicians, and now you lot are out of government it never will be!
So grow up or shut up.