Thursday, October 7, 2010

Councillor of Dibley

Time for a lookalike of another of the new crop of Labour Councillors. Apparently this was sent to Dude a couple of months ago, yet he refused to publish it.

Don't recall Dude refusing to publish cruel lookalikes of Lib Dems before Joe dangled a sausage in front of him. The phrase "two faced hypocrite" comes to mind!

So here it is, Warbreck's own Councillor of Dibley, Maria McEvoy. A spitting image for Dibley's dippy Alice Springs Tinker. Enjoy!


Louise said...

This is absolutely monstrous.

I hope you are ashamed of this mockery.

Councillor Red said...

I think it truely barbaric you should try and slaughter the reputation of this fine local councillor with your vile comparison.
Its sickening and I think it should be removed.

What depths will you stoop to next?

JonBoy said...

Do you have no shame?

Ethical Bill said...

I assume these objections are just tongue in cheek. Surely if anyone regards it as sick and offensive to be compared to a popular sitcom character, then they need to get out more.

Laboured said...

Ethical Bill, the said character has been accused of incest, bestilaity, and displays a lack of intellect, integrity, and extreme foolishness during the course the show.

Which one of these characteristics is Dude comparing the Cllr with?

In any of those cases, it would be highly offensive and egregious to say the least.

Shameless. And on your part Ethical Bill, a total lack of understanding and sensitivity verging on the sociopathic.

charles dacre said...

you are clearly mentally ill.

CR said...

Your editing of these comments are truely of the wall. I suggested exactly why the comparison was offensive and you refuse to publish. Why?

Anonymous said...

Apparently the little lady insists on being referred to as councilor by all council employees (they have nicknamed her little Hitler).