Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Letting the cat out of the bag

A bit of a cock up on the con-dem front yesterday, after big Joe accidentally admitted that a forth term Labour Government would have slashed services for deprived communities.

In an interview on fat cat pay, Joe inadvertently said, I made it clear BEFORE THE ELECTION that at a time when the government is withdrawing millions of pounds in funding to our most deprived communities, it is essential this burden is borne fairly and not solely on the backs of the lowest earners."

Err, with the greatest respect Joe, you have gone a bit off message there. We aren't admitting any more that a Labour Government would have made cuts, particularly not ones that would have hurt anyone.

(That way we can portray every con-dem cut as evil, such as taking child benefit off poor people earning more than £44,000 a year - even poor working class folk like Joe himself will loose out, outrageous!)

I thought that Waddington's job was to protect Joe, not print slip ups like this. Why didn't he spot this? I only wish I had been in the pub to sound the alarm, instead of being sent off to purchase the meat pies.


Wendy the Whippet said...

Am I alone in thinking that Dude and Ian Jobling's defections to Joe and Co came rather close together ? Coincidence ? I have my suspicions

The Saintly Hen said...

"cock up" and Joe in the same sentence.