Thursday, November 11, 2010

All he wants is a little respect!

Don Anderson has been working hard to cement his position as head of the Labour Mafia in Liverpool.

Already proving himself to be "untouchable" after he escaped investigation for apparently (according to the Echo) tipping off Labour councillor Ben Williams about a child porn investigation, allowing 207 files to be deleted before the cops arrived.

Now he's bullied the police into dropping charges of using a mobile phone while driving with claims that our hard pressed police made it up and were prepared to lie in court - well it's hardly a charge of tax evasion, but it would have done for starters!

Last night, I'm told, he stood up in the council chamber and publicly threatened the inoffensive and universally popular councillor Pat Moloney, with a warning that he would "see him on the streets later!"

I believe a police report may be pending, but will untouchable Don Joe have his collar felt?

Meanwhile I fear for my former pal Dude, lured over to the dark side after Don Joe made him an offer he couldn't refuse, he recently confided in me that he's been questioning his decision to jump into bed with the Labour Mafia.

Now no one seems to have seen him for the past few days and I am starting to fear that he might have received two pairs of concrete paws from his new colleagues.

If anyone out there has seen or heard anything, please let me know as we are all worried about him.BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


Mr Mako said...

Oh we seen Dude alright, Wednesday night with his smug face, sitting quietly in the council chamber.

Little Lord Fauntleroy said...

More smears of innocent people on this disgraceful blog.

Gutter Politics said...

Those that know anything about computers and ‘deleting files’ know this- that if you delete a computer file, it can always be retrieved by forensic analysts. Seems a bit of a spurious and malicious argument Sally, and here is where the ‘tip-off’ allegation falls flat on its face!

legal eagle said...

Those that know anything about the law know this - using inside knowledge to alert someone that they are under a criminal investigation, and thereby encouraging them to remove evidence, is often referred to as "Perverting the course of justice". Generally the law doesn't look favorably on such acts.

Anonymous said...

i was in the public seats and heard joe anderson threaten to settle something with pat moloney "on the streets". i was amazed that the council's chief lawyer said nothing and just allowed a threat like that. i hope someone will take action against the fat bully (mr anderson that is)

Embarrassed on Labour's benches said...

I loved how he called himself "Fat Joe" even though the Libs hadn't used that line!