Friday, November 5, 2010

At last! One Labour liar gets caught out

It couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke, well perhaps Joe Anderson, but a senior Labour minister has been found guilty of spreading lies and racial hatred in a bid to hold on to his seat.

Phil Woolas will now be booted (we can only hope literally) out of parliament and face a massive legal bill, thanks to a campaign described by his own campaign team as designed to get white working class sun readers angry.

It clearly throws into doubt the judgement of Ed Rubberband for making him a Shadow Minister when he knew the judges were still considering their verdict. It's even more insulting to make someone your spokesman on a sensitive subject like immigration, after a clearly and blatantly racist campaign. Perhaps he will now join the BNP where he should feel more at home.

Clearly there are a number of parallels with Luciana Berger's campaign, designed to portray the Lib Dems as somehow running an anti-jewish campaign against her. In one case, she even ran off to the Jewish Chronicle with an anonymous leaflet, which she tried to portray as being from her Lib Dem opponents, even though she knew that it was the Lib Dems who had reported it to the police.

My sources tell me that this has carried on since the election, with a few Lib Dems building up a dossier of evidence for a slander case from a number of people who have heard her label them as "anti-semitic".

Better start filling in more surveys to help cover those legal costs.


Sadly The Truth said...

Again, I refer to my previous comment (that has yet to be published on the previous post by Sally) that it really doesn't matter what Ms. Berger did, the Lib Dem campaign was so woeful in every respect - ie endless leaflets badly written, not enough doors covered by the candidate etc - they could get away with these things.

Mr. Eldridge could contest the election I suppose, but he is no longer in Liverpool to do so.

Anonymous said...

i agree about Woolas but Perhaps Lib dems shouldnt bring out Simon Hughes to say we need " honest politics" - some of us remember his election to parliament based on a less than scrupulous campaign in 1983 - attacking Peter Tatchell in a disgusting and vile way - the Liberal leaflets if i recall bore the headline " The Straight Choice"

dont start claiming the moral high ground - all parties are as bad

Mrs.F.G. gets serious said...

Mr. Anon, perhaps you forget, in regards to Tatchell it was the local Labour party who tried to claim he wasn't actually gay which so out-raged him he parted ways with the party thereafter. And i'm sure (with tongue firmly in cheek) the leaflet was referring solely to the divisions between the two Labour-attached candidates in that by-election.

So please, don't come out with this Labour-spin garbage about 'The Straight Choice' which has tirelessly been dragged out since 1983, as if Labour somehow had viruously defended Gay rights down the years.

On the other hand of course, Lib Dems (which I myself am) shouldn't be so quick to judge Labour in disowning Woolas. Remember a certain Mark Oaten, anyone? Or for the geriatric amongst you, J. Thorpe.