Friday, November 12, 2010

Greedy mini-Joe

In taking on his new role as "people and organisational change champion", Joe Anderson's right hand man and "enforcer" mini-Joe Hanson has been awarded a £6,500 Champion Allowance.

Apparently his role involved many arduous meetings with unions, although how much of that is truly Council business instead of Labour party business? And if the job is to lighten Anderson's load, shouldn't the swag come from the pile big Joe has grabbed for himself?

I have since been passed some interesting information that will surprise many of the Labour councillors who voted for Hanson's handsome pay out.

It seems that, despite claims that this new champion role has become a full time job for mini-Joe, he claims FIVE salaries from council tax payers!

£10,000 as an ordinary councillor
£5,600 to represent Liverpool on Merseytravel
£4,500 as chairman of a Merseytravel committee
£3,600 as deputy chairman of another merseytravel committee
and now a £6500 Champion payout.

Making a grand total of over £30,000 a year, on top of his Jaguar pension.

I'm sure Joe thinks his pay rise is "champion" as they say in Yorkshire, but will that view be shared by day centre staff soon to face the sack? Or the many Labour backbench councillors kept in the dark and on a shoestring?


Lib Dem Activist said...

I would pass on my congratulations to Cllr. Hanson in this fabulous new role he has.

Thurthermore, I think he deserves and will earn every penny from the public coffers he will gain from this position.

And pigs are in the aviation business.

Anonymous said...

Joe Hanson is one greedy bastard and he won't be getting back on merseytravel next year

Anonymous said...

why are the unions talking of striking whilst protesting outside the Town Hall if they have good old Joe to deal with?
And if the unions reject the deal offered by Liverpool Council for something like job evaluation will Joe be paying back his fee?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Liverpool Labour Party is in chaos. There is no unity, no forward thinking and no strategic campaign plan. Why? Becuase Joe Anderson continues to let Joe Hanson go around doing what the hell he likes as 'campaign coordinator'. Despite numerous complaints about Hanson and concerns about his out dated and disasterous campaign techniques, Joe Anderson still sees him as a 'God' which has resulted in very good people walking away.

Yet here we go again as we see Anderson promoting his mate. Well, Anderson may think he is invincible right now but if he continues to ride roughshod over his group and members he won't be leader for very long.

Sally The Sheepdog said...

4th comment has been removed at the request of a reader due to it's sexist nature. Here is an edited version with the offending comment removed.

Posted by Anonymous on November 13th

The members are made up keep him busy in the town and he is out of Walton we are getting the members in to do away with him