Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Joe picks Manc champ

Despite a flourishing Liverpool Chinese community and the oldest Chinatown in Britain, Joe Anderson drove up the M62 to find a champion for Liverpool's Chinese business community.

Appointing Dr Lee Kai Hung, who is Deputy Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Joe outraged many in the city's chinese community, many of whom are based in his own ward, after he failed to consult with them before picking Dr Hung to be their champion.

Purely by coincidence, Dr Lee Kai Hung is founder of Leepark Properties Ltd, who have been a major donor to the Manchester Labour Party this year, in an unsuccessful attempt to unseat Lib Dem MP John Leech.

Is Joe now courting Dr Hung to become part of his growing portfolio of property developers that have been bankrolling the local Labour party?


truthseeker said...

No doubt this gentleman's Labour contacts had nothing whatsoever to do with this appointment!! No possible conflict of interest there at all.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think Joe should choose No.2