Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Luciana's broken promises

I was stopped in the street the other day by a total stranger who recognized me from this blog. He berated me for letter Luciana get off the hook for breaking one of her campaign pledges.

Apparently, and I must have missed this, Luciana publicly pledged at various hustings meetings during the election that she would just concentrate on being Wavertree's MP. She wouldn't be taking on any portfolio or doing outside jobs.

So how does she square that with being made Shadow Climate Change spokesman as part of her reward for backing the right Rubberband? Or her lucrative writing for public relations magazines and survey filling.

A broken promise, absolutely. 100% commitment to Wavertree, well as one would have been candidate for the seat would say, "My Ar$*"

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Lib Dem Activist said...

As a resident of Wavertree, I'm not sure I have such a huge problem with the breaking of this vocal pledge. (I wasn't at the hustings, so I couldn't comment on the veracity of the claim).

Its rather pleasing my local MP, albeit Labour, is raising the profile of the area with this portfolio.

However, this is as nothing compared to other broken pledges in large, namely in the persuit power by my party's leadership.

Tuition fees, anyone?