Monday, November 8, 2010

Save our jobs

Lovely Luciana and our other courageous Labour MPs voted to spare themselves from a "vicious cut" that would reduce the number of MPs by 50!

Critics say that MPs shouldn't be spared when everyone else is facing cuts, but surely we need more MPs not less. Liverpool MPs wouldn't be able to cope with anymore workload, and have effectively already suffered a massive pay cut now they can't claim for food or speculate in property at the taxpayer's expense.

After all, MPs like Luciana are now having to fill in surveys to raise extra cash, as Sally rather unfairly pointed out.

Worse still, Luciana could be the one to who faces the sack. Under the plans Liverpool is likely to lose one MP, and just a glance at the city's political map shows that Luciana is the obvious "piggy in the middle". Will any of the other four be willing to walk the plank for her?

Now I'm going to get myself a banner and protest. Save our MPs!!!


Lib Dem Activist said...

I surprise myself Dude, by agreeing with Luciana on this one. (Although really Ms. Berger isn't all that bad, by which I eam shes competant).

We can speculate as to the reasoning in her mind behind her voting choice, but I absolutely do not agree with cutting the number of MPs in Parliament.

I am aware the cutting was part of our election manifesto - and at the time I stated my opposition to it.

This move can only lessen democracy - why? By virtue of numbers: both of Members and constituents.

If anything, there should be an increase.

Anonymous said...

Lib Dem activist.

If you want to stay anonymous you are going to have to change your writing style!

Lib Dem Activist said...

Gosh, i'm THAT transparent, arn't you so clever!

My point remains, our manifesto was wrong on that, wrong on so many things.

And i'm sorry our party is suffering and twisting in the wind because of the leadership's powerlust.