Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sad Liam fails again

Liam Fogarty, previously the man from Auntie, and now a one man band for an elected mayor, has failed again.

Two years ago he dramatically (albeit temporarily) left the BBC to campaign full time to be (sorry, to get) an elected mayor for Liverpool.

Yesterday he admitted to the Daily Post that he was sad, and had failed to get the signatures for a second year running.

In two years his campaign has collected only 11,000 of the 17,100 signatures it needs, but each signature is only valid for one year, so he probably has only 5-6000 signatures.

According to the Daily Post's Dave Bartlett, the current runners for the race (if it's ever called) are:-
  • Phil Redmond - because Brookside helped reinvent Liverpool's image didn't it?
  • Frank McKenna - Disgraced former deputy leader of Skelmersdale, who now claims to be a business lobbyist!
  • Liam Fogarty - who couldn't even organise a petition!
  • Joe Anderson - who couldn't even organise a p___ up in a brewery!
  • Warren Bradley - yeah lets pay him an extra £100K a year to do the jobs he's already doing!
Then again, if Hartlepool can elect a monkey as mayor, perhaps Liverpool is ready for a canine champion? Liam, where can I put my paw print on this petition?


Anonymous said...

Pay Warren Bradley another 100k? Now that's satire at it's finest.

Thank God he only turns in part-time who knows how deep in the doo doo we'd be if he was trying to do the job properly.

Ah well it's nearly time for Dick Kemp and any number of Cleins to demonstrate their confidence in Wally B at the LD AGM, who knows maybe this year one of them will get lucky.

Anonymous said...

My god could you imagine Mr Potatoe Head as elected Mayor of Liverpool...he would be the original little dictator! There would definatley be an increase in the number of planning applications agreed (that would not normally be) on his watch! After all, he would have to keep his friends happy who are currently supplying him with large pots of campaign money.

Dude the Dog said...

Can I welcome Dan Quayle onto my blog!

I have to disagree with you however. And, who would want to be building anything in the city anyway if he was in charge?

There would be a mass exitus from the city as we returned to the dark, dark days of Labour.

Hey, Who turned out the light?

Anonymous said...

You maybe need to read between the lines with this comment!