Tuesday, February 10, 2009

£117 million down the drain

Labour have said no to £117 million in extra Euro cash for Merseyside - because they didn't want the extra paperwork!

Yesterday the Daily Post reported that Labour Ministers have rejected the offer, claiming that civil servants had already done too much "Winding Up" paperwork on the European Objective 1 programme - In other words, they can't be arsed!

I understand that Lib Dem deputy leader Flo Clucas did a lot of work behind the scenes to get European Commissioners to agree to offer us the cash. Not surprisingly, she is incensed at Labour's betrayal of our city.

With thousands of hard working Scousers at risk of losing their jobs, £117 million could have been a much needed boost to the local economy.

Instead Europe will be forced to hand the dosh over to the treasury, no doubt to be used to continue bailing out the bankers.

Might as well spend it all on sausages, at least I'd be happy!


Real Scouseboy said...

You forgot to mention that the decision was made by the Bulldog's bezzie mate, Hazel Blears.

The Lurcher said...

What are are "hard working" Labour MPs doing about this?

The answer seems to be, not a lot. They deserve to be booted out.