Friday, February 27, 2009

"Maggie's a softy" says Field

As if Gordon Brown having Thatcher round for tea wasn't bad enough, we have an amazing story in the Oldham Echo from Wirral MP Frank Field, about how he and other Labour MPs used to go for cozy late night-caps with Liverpool's most hated women.

Apparently, we are led to believe, that Margaret Thatcher was a softy, and served a very fine malt. But this was all kept secret by Labour MP's, realising how unimpressed their constituents would be.

Steel yourself for a shock at the next quote:

"I once witnessed a slightly sozzled Margaret Thatcher plant a smacking kiss on the lips of then-Walton MP Eric Heffer and describe him as "my favourite Socialist"."

Aggggggggggh! Sorry, I've just been sick behind the sofa!

He goes on to say, "She enjoyed a bit of rough..."

I couldn't bare to read any more. Read it yourself here if you have a strong stomach and low blood pressure.

Rest assured, I will never sell out my loyal readers and have the Bulldog round for tea and dog biscuits, and definitely not for love and licks!

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