Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another lookalike

Just had the following letter, in response to the previous lookalike picture.

I have been advised that a satirical website has been created under the name of "Dude the Dog" which presently carries
a "Lookalike" photograph of the leader of the Liverpool Labour Group. My chauffeur found it quite hilarious when he saw it, but I believe that you might have used the wrong picture. Please find attached an alternative version from our archive which shows that these particular individuals must have, indeed, been separated at birth.
Best regards,
R.S.B. Bailout Esq.
Lloyds Court,
Whitehall 117M

Keep em coming!

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Anonymous said...

Rose Bailey also looks like Roy Chubby Brown or Reg Holdsworth from Coronation Street! Paul Brant looks like Charles Hawtrey from the Carry on's. Joe Hanson looks like Sgt Bilko, John Coyne looks like a garden gnome, Sarah Jennings looks like and extra from Harry Potter Alan Dean looks like Frank Doran and Malcolm Kelly looks like the man from Hale and Pace.