Friday, March 13, 2009

Another lookalike

A big thanks to Mr Bailout for another lookalike.

Dear Mr D Dog Esq,
The recent Audit Commission report on behaviour of councillors noted the somewhat ungracious way they
occasionally treat each other in ways unbefitting of gentleman. In my view, there is never any excuse to resort
to name-calling and other bad manners. Speaking of which, this reminds me of the lead singer of a similarly-
named popular music group by the name of Buster Bloodvessel. My chauffeur tells me that this name was taken from
the bus conductor in the film " Magical Mystery Tour" [whatever that is]. However, I digress. My main point is
that there seems to be a striking resemblance between said Mr Bloodvessel and the current leader of the Liverpool Labour Group. I attach a photograph for your consideration.
R.B.S. Bailout Esq,
Lloyds Court,
Whitehall 117M

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Michaela said...

well done dude!