Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Standing against intolerance

Labour Councillors and would be councillors where left stunned after Municipal Pitbull Joe Anderson announced that any Labour member who voted against him would be thrown out of his group.

The irony that he did this during a council debate condemning fascism appeared to be lost on Joe.

A fellow Labour frontbench Councillor went on to demonstrate his libertarian credentials, by calling on a Lib Dem to be "taken away and locked up" for pointed out that the rise of the BNP was partly due to Labour abandoning the working classes.

He then offered to exterminate members of the British Nazi Party by mowing them down in a bus, if one could be provided and BNP members could be arranged to stand in line.

Bravo! Lets all stand together against intolerance!

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Anonymous said...

I know we all want a solution to the BNP problem, but I think going for a "Final Solution" is taking things a bit far!