Friday, April 24, 2009

"Gratuitously offensive"

My blogging nemesis The Bulldog has been labelled by Labour's own standards board as "Gratuitously Offensive" after a two year investigation into her behaviour.

She was condemned for her abusive behaviour after publicly declaring “all Lib Dems are ‘bastards" and (on another occasion) ranted that both the Liberal and Liberal Democrats group were “deceitful, conniving, opportunistic bastards”.

The Standards Board said, “The freedom of speech arguments that have been raised in the past by members simply do not attach themselves to statements of this nature.” But claim that they can take no action because the comments where not specifically aimed at individuals!

Is this not the same Labour councillor who took the moral high ground on councillors lack of respect to each other? Is she not also Labour's spokesperson for Ethical Behaviour? If she refuses to resign from that position now then surely she should be sacked?

The normally verbacious Louise declined to comment to either the Daily Post or Liverpool Echo!

I think she deserves to have her nose rubbed in it.


Louise has done the decent thing and resigned! As you will notice from the comments, some credit me with that result, while others quite vociferously disagree with that assessment.

Thanks to one Labour member who alerted me to the Echo editorial which I missed on Friday, which described Louise as toilet-mouthed, childish, crude, and demeaning to all who vote or follow politics. Ouch!


Ethical Bill said...

Well done dude, she has now resigned. Who would have thought that a little dog could have so much influence?

Anonymous said...

In your fucking dreams mate. This pile of shite would not influence a child about which flavour of ice cream to eat. Whose blog are people talking about? Certainly not yours. She is worth a thousand of you, you cowardly bastard hiding behind your anonymity. At least she is honest and upfront. Anyway, we have heard you are being maintained from inside the Municipal Buildings, and your codes are being checked by the powers that be, so who is going to go next?

Dude the Dog said...

Oh dear I do seem to have upset you, it's amazing the affect a little dog can have.

If no one reads my blog and I have no influence, why are "the powers that be" checking my codes?

And my kennel is situated a long way from the Municipal Buildings, definitely barking up the wrong tree mate.

Real Scouseboy said...

Great post Anonymous, you are now the proud winner of the pot and kettle award.
Not only another toilet-mouthed, childish and crude Labour member - but also "a cowardly b*****d hiding behind your anonymity"!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure dude will now be trembling behind the sofa after Anonymous's warning.

I have been following this blog for a year now, I have never known dude to be rude or offensive, just cheeky and satirical - certainly no worse than private eye!

Why are Labour so upset? They just don't like it up them!!!

Real Scouseboy said...

Dude, why do Labour hate you so?

Yes you're cheeky and occasionally take the mick quite mercilessly, but the abuse you are getting such as comparing you to the BNP!!! - just shows that some Labour activists have lost all sense of perspective.