Friday, April 3, 2009

Police Pledge

I'm told that Horse Minister Jane Kennedy has been spotted around the Wavertree, area delivering a leaflet no less.

Unfortunately the Labour leaflet entitles "Police Pledge", which features a big picture of her with a policeman, forgets to explain exactly what this pledge is.

Perhaps this refers to the well known brand of furniture polish, which Labour are planning to issue to the local constabulary, to enable them to polish their truncheons!

Nay, stop tittering Missus! There is a filthy minded lot reading this blog.

While having bobbies on parade with truncheons gleaming might make Jane happy, I'm sure the rest of us would prefer them to have proper equipment. So why do the police have to ask Lib Dem councillors for spare change to provide them with bicycles?

There is a pledge worth making. I hear nostalgic stories from more senior dogs than me of the pleasure of chasing a policeman (or postman) on a bicycle. Seems like great fun and would be an excellent institution to bring back.


Sid Fiddler said...

While it may please Ms Kennedy to see a row of shiny truncheons on parade standing erect to attention, I fail to see how it will make our streets safer!

Anonymous said...

Maybe our missing MP, Ms Kennedy is going to pledge to come clean and unearth all her sleazy goings on; wasn't it Jane who conveniently forgot to declare her partner was on the payroll............answers on a postcard to her HQ in Prescot Rd.

Anonymous said...

Jane Kennedy...a shining example of New Labour's squeaky-clean breed of hard-working and locally loved M.P.'s. Erm...let's see what the FOI request brings up about her "expenses" first, shall we?

Real Scouseboy said...

Seeing that she came joint first on the "Additional Cost Allowance" league table - otherwise known as the John Lewis list - her expenses should make interesting reading.