Thursday, April 9, 2009

Making a splash

A funny story passed on to me from one of my regular correspondents.

Last Wednesday saw the official opening of a school swimming pool, Gatecrashed by Timbo the Terrier who claimed to be the official representative of Jane Kennedy. (Never mind that she isn't currently the MP for that area, and never will be).

My bulldog nemesis was on hand to take Timbo's poolside publicity photos, but in the end it was the Bulldog who made a splash.

Taking a step back into the the showers to get a better shot, her arm caught the tap and turned it on. It is not known if she shook herself dry next to innocent bystanders - I know I would have done!

She's not the first Labour politician to get into hot water over a pool.

Nick (fortnightly bins) Small attacked Liverpool's new Olympic pool as being poor value for money, begging the question, will a Labour Council close it down?

Then again, this is from the same Labour Councillor who lobbied on behalf of Tesco to let them build on sports pitches! Anyone would think he has something against exercise.

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