Sunday, May 4, 2008

Finally Awake

I have never slept so much! Finally woke up after a very long nap, and I even felt up to a short trot around the park. I feel guilty for not posting sooner, and I know my public will have been eagerly awaiting news from Thursday night.

It was disappointing that Steve didn't win, but Joe the Pitbull has been kept out of Liverpool's top dog spot. Rumour has it that Labour already had a new top dog waiting in the wings in case they won control. My advice Joe, keep loosing if you want to keep your paws on the money - you will never see your £50,000 a year anyway!

The most amusing part of election night was watching my blogging nemesis the Bulldog. She was so disappointed that her latest muse, Timbo the Terrier, failed to win in Picton. Something of a humiliation, as she personally took charge of his campaign - and met her match. The Bulldog's face was a picture - in fact comparable to the proverbial spanked bottom!

I discovered that the Bulldog posts on a forum called vote 2007 under a nom de plum of OldWarHorse. Less equine warrior I think, more donkey on Blackpool beach - but probably not been treated to so much as a carrot in years!

However The Bulldog confessed that that campaign was personal - a result of an unsavory obsession with hard working local champion Andrew Makinson - who's record of exposing Labour's spin, lies, and let downs have so outraged her.

Picton, County and Knotty Ash were the line in the sand, and the people said NO PASARAN!

Well done to all our candidates who won, commiserations to those who missed out this time. My paw is raised in salute to you all.


Obi Wan said...

I hear Balldock is getting blamedfor Labour's failure on Thursday. Taking the party off on her personal vendetta may have cost them two seats - so she is clearly in the dog house!

Even more in the dog house is Joe Anderson, for giving Beatrice Labour's safest seat. Have they been rewarded with any work from her? What do you think?

He has lumbered them with a 3 year problem just to get a couple of headlines in the post & echo.

Anonymous said...

I was at the count on Thursday. Behind me stood a guy berating one of Labour's MPs about how various hard working comrades couldn't get selected for seats but Beatrice Fraenkel could just "swan into one".

I give it three months before labour are heartily sick of her.

Anonymous said...

Took me a while to get the Spanish Civil War reference - perhaps a bit to high brow there. You are obviously a well read left wing dog - no wonder you're not in the Labour Party!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dude. Would your owner be interested in reading this? It was in today's Echo. Doesn't make very good reading for the Labour Party.

Labour's support 'at record low' 21:30, May 8th 2008

Gordon Brown faced a fresh blow as an opinion poll put the Tories a huge 26% ahead of Labour, whose support fell to its the lowest on record at just 23%.

Labour's support was even lower than the share of the vote it received in the local election mauling that has heaped massive pressure on the Prime Minister.

The poor results for the Government came a fortnight before Labour faces a crunch by-election in Crewe and Nantwich, a seat the Conservatives hope to wrest from it.

There was some good news for the PM in the poll: his party would be even less popular if it were led by the favourites among his colleagues to succeed him - or even predecessor Tony Blair.

The Sun said Labour's score was the lowest since poll records began in the 1930s.