Sunday, May 18, 2008

Visit to York

Spent a couple of days in (Lib Dem run) York last week visiting family. Lots of time spent gossiping about Liverpool & York politics, Alice wouldn't stop cuddling me - she said she had never seen such furry ears!

York is such a lovely place, so much history everywhere!

I spent a great couple of hours in the Street Museum. A Victorian street has been recreated so that you can go back in time, just like in Doctor Who - but without the monsters or the running (I love the running!)

The street contains all sorts of old fashioned shops that just don't exist any more, such as Blacksmiths, old fashioned sweet shops and a curious shop called a "Post Office".

Apparently they used to have these Post Office places on every high street until Labour came to power. You could go in and buy everything from stamps to balls of string, you could even collect your pension or pay your TV licence there - Amazing!

A special treat came when I sniffed out a Farmer's Market, and I got a lovely hot dog for tea. (Obviously there was no dog in it - I'm not a cannibal!)

Catch ya next time.

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Anonymous said...

I hear the bulldog was also in York last week. Did you meat up for a lap?