Monday, May 12, 2008

"We didn't want to win anyway!"

That appears to be the shock claim to the Echo on election night by Joe Le Pitbull on Labour's failure to win control of Liverpool.

In the quote of the night, Joe Le Pitbull is heard to say: "This is a Council that as far as we're concerned in the Labour party, we didn't want. So they're welcome to it as far as we're concerned!"

I am shocked that I didn't spot this one until now. If you don't believe me, watch him yourself here

Could it be that Joe suddenly realised that he wouldn't be allowed to carry on slagging off our city in the press every day, if he became Liverpool's top dog?

Perhaps it suddenly hit him that Labour had no idea of what to do in power, apart from their visionary pledge to introduce a few extra dog wardens? (I won't take this too personally)

Or more likely, had he just heard of Labour's plans to dump him the moment they took power?

Did it finally dawn on him that he would never get his paws on his longed for £50,000 a year, but instead find himself abandoned outside the RSPCA rescue centre?

Catch ya next time.
Lots of doggie love,


Dr Susie said...

It's called hypegiaphobia

Anonymous said...

He says "councillor", no doubt regarding Nadia Stewart. I've never heard anybody refer to a Council in the feminine "her". Maybe you should get your Doggy ears cleaned out dude!

It's also interesting that Cllr Bradley claims the Lib Dems received the largest share of the vote in Liverpool - which is of course an outright lie.

Good video that, pooch.

Mildred said...

Indeed Dude just WHO would want this messed up administration?
Gnaw on that one?
Who did you vote for?

Dude the Dog said...

Dear Mildred,

Unfortunately, I didn't get a vote. Don't know why. Is it because I'm a dog?

If I'd been allowed, I might have stood myself.

One thing I will say for the Labour party, they will allow dogs to run for public office!

If there is any truth to the stories going round, they are probably happy for dogs to go to the polling station to vote on their human's behalf.

Yes sir, while I love the Lib Dems dearly, Labour are light years ahead in terms of canine suffrage.

mildred said...

disclaimer, the mildred in the sausages story is not me!
All dogs should get a vote, cats can get lost though, I've been told they sway towards Tory, therefore they waste their votes and can't be trusted.